Latest FF Redeem Code for September, Free Fire X Shopee

Garena as the developer of the free fire game has collaborated with one of the most popular marketplaces in Indonesia. Namely, Shopee, this online shop is holding an event called the Shopee Free Fire X Event where players will get free free fire items. So, during this event, let’s get the Latest FF Redeem Code September at the Free Fire X Shopee event!

Garena Free Fire itself this September will hold a tournament that free fire players are eagerly awaiting. This prestigious event will invite all Asian countries in one big tournament. The event is called FFAI (Free Fire Asia Invititation)

In the tournament between Asian countries, Indonesia also sent their best team. A total of three best teams from Indonesia will compete in this prestigious event.

This time, Shopee gave gifts to free fire players for free. Of course, these items are very useful in a free fire game. This event is called 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

Latest FF Redeem Code for September, Free Fire X Shopee

This was announced officially on Instagram from Garena Free Fire Indonesia itself. They work with Shopee to share free items available on Shopee every day.

For those of you who want to get these free items, you can log in directly to your Shopee application. If you don’t have a Shopee application, please install the application first.

Here’s how to get the latest September FF Redeem Code, Free Fire X Shopee

  1. The first step you take is to log in first to the Shopee application that you have. Don’t forget to update it!
  2. Then, then you have to go to the shopee homepage, look for the Credit, Tickets and Bills option in the application.
  3. In this option you will see a banner that says Claim Free Items Every Day “. Well, you click on the banner for a page where you can claim free fire free items.
  4. Then you copy the redeem code that will appear after you claim your prize.

You will get a redeem code that you can exchange for free items. With a note, these items are in accordance with the day that has been determined at this Shopee X free fire event.

To redeem the code that you got from the Shopee application, you can follow the steps to redeem the code in our previous post “how to redeem the latest free fire code”

So, with this event, don’t forget to log in every day, so you can get free items every day!

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