Know the Melee Weapon Specifications at PUBG Mobile, Must Know!

In the game PUBG Mobile has many weapons that you can use without using certain conditions or levels. Each weapon in PUBG Mobile has its own uniqueness and function. This time you have to get to know the specifications for melee weapons at PUBG Mobile.

If you are familiar with melee weapons such as SMG, Pistol, and Shotgun, do you often use Melee Weapons for close combat?

Melee Weapon might be something you definitely leave behind when you meet him, because this weapon looks unattractive, right? Even though Melee Weapon is an item that can really save you in times of emergency, you know!

What are the specifications for each Melee Weapon? Check out the explanation below!

Get to know the specifications of melee weapons at PUBG Mobile, you must know!



Sickle or Sickle is a weapon that looks terrible, especially if you use it to hit someone, then killing using this weapon will look sadistic.

Sickle has enough damage to kill an enemy without armor, heavy and sharp metal which can provide damage points of 60. And if you use this to hit the head of an enemy who is not wearing a helmet, the resulting damage points are 150 points!

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Crowbar is used to unload or open objects with a hard and heavy texture, so this weapon will be very terrible if used to hit someone.

Crowbar has the same base damage as Sickle, which is 60 points, and when you hit the enemy’s head using this weapon, Crowbar will issue 90 damage points.

It’s not as big as Sickle, but it’s quite effective when used for early fights at close range.

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Machete is a weapon for close combat that has a shape almost similar to a Sickle. There isn’t much difference between the two apart from the sharp metal shape.

Sickles are curved, while machete is rectangular like a meat cutter. The damage generated by this weapon is the same as the Sickle, which is 60 points, with the same head damage, which is 150 points.

Machete and Sickle can be weapons that replace each other, if you don’t find Sickle then you can use Machete. Vice versa.

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The Pan

Pan or pot is the most special Melee Weapon. The damage given by this weapon is 80 points, with head damage that is not kidding, which is 200 points! Imagine if you use this weapon to hit the head of an enemy who doesn’t use a helmet, one hit one kill!

Not only is the damage great, the pan also has extraordinarily strong resistance. Not a single type of bullet can penetrate it, not even .300 Magnum bullets or AWM bullets!

This melee weapon is no longer in doubt about its strength. It is appropriate to carry a pan or pan during games. Apart from being on the alert for melee attacks, pan can also protect your body from enemy fire.

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Based on our explanation above, which Melee Weapon do you like the most? The answer is definitely Pan, right? Not only you, the creators of the PUBG game also admit that the Pot is his favorite weapon.

Thank you for listening!

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