Kill 10 of the Pro Game Captain EVOS in FFML 2020, Crazy!

Of course, a Tournament will be held, if the game is already very busy being played by many people. This tournament was held to melt the talents of new players, besides that it also had the aim of making the game even busier. Those of you who want to show your playing talent, of course, can register for the tournament. This time there was an incident where Kill 10 of the EVOS Captain’s Pro Game in FFML 2020.

One of the games that often hold a Tournament nowadays is Free Fire, this game has indeed been played by many people from all over the world. Many pro players attended and were born from the Free Fire tournament, usually this tournament will be held officially by Garena.

Garena will usually open player registration, so that all players can take part in the Tournament. Where, of course, you can show your playing talent, so that you become a part of the Pro Player.

Very Fierce Tournament

Currently, the most famous Free Fire Tournament is the Free Fire Master League (FFML) For Season 1. This tournament only has 2 days left, there are 24 teams competing hard to fight fiercely. This is so you can get 12 tickets to Free Fire Indonesia Master Spring 2020.

After going through a long tournament journey of almost more than 3 weeks, one by one the Free Fire team finally qualified for the next stage. One of the teams that successfully passed this round is EVOS Esports. In the 8th day 1 FFML Season 1 match, finally the EVOS Esports team was declared the first team. The team qualified to advance to the Free Fire Indonesia Master Spring 2020.

So that it makes the EVOS Esport team feel safer and more relieved, because later they will fight with other teams without having to think about heavy burdens. Even so, the EVOS team was merciless when fighting in the 9th Match Day 1 yesterday.

Kill 10 of the Pro Game Captain EVOS in FFML 2020, Crazy!

Playing for 4 full rounds, the EVOS team uses a very good Bar – bar strategy. Kill after kill, they finally got it in large numbers.

There have been countless matches EVOS has gone through, but the Saeful Leader.SAM • 13“Muharrom became one of the heroes for the EVOS team last night.

A very good game and one of the highlights of many people was in the 3rd round. The captain played very well, so he was able to contribute up to 5 kills from the total of 19 kills for the 3rd round. In Round 4, the EVOS team had to face various big teams such as Recca Esports, BOOM Cerberus, Louvre Esports and ONIC Olympus.

The EVOS Esports captain finally managed to donate up to 10 kills alone and made the EVOS team get Booyah in that round. Adding up all of them, the Captain contributes up to 18 kills to the EVOS team which is equivalent to 360 Points.

The EVOS team is the top owner of the Tournament with total points of up to 1580. Of course this is a very good mistake, and they have also secured tickets for the upcoming FFIM Spring 2020.

Now that’s the information about Kill 10 from the EVOS Captain Pro Game in FFML 2020 that we can convey on this occasion.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates

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