Jungle Invade LoL Mobile Pre 3 Wild Rift Tips

There are 5 jungle invade pre 3 Wild Rift tips that LoL Mobile players can apply. If you have been playing moba for a long time or at least understand the advanced mechanism, you must know about jungle invade. Invade is arguably a strategy to attack your opponent’s jungle. This is very important because indirectly you have made your opponent lose the jungle farm.

Generally, jungle invade is done if you are dealing with champion scaling. In the early game they are very weak and you can use this if you use aggressive junglers. Now here we will also discuss invade when pre 3 or pre 6. For some people, they must be confused about this term.

The term pre (x) is more level. For example pre 3 means you will do it between level 1 to 3. For some junglers, fighting in early games like this is suicide. But some other champions will benefit from their power spikes which hit quite high at the start.

Here, let’s discuss tips on jungle invade pre 3 Wild Rift. These tips will be able to help you to take advantage of power spikes in your early game that can end in easy snowballing. Especially if you are fighting a farm thirsty jungler which can be an easy win for you.

Use Matching Champions

This is very important, because not all junglers can invade pre 3. Jungler scaling late games like Master Yi and Jax for example, they need farm space first so they can play better later. Therefore, you must pay attention to the champion. Graves and Olaf may be your best choices.

Watch the Opponent Jungler

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Now as we have previously mentioned, pay attention to the opponent jungler. Don’t think it’s a good idea to invade Olaf in pre 3. If a champion applies to you, this applies to your opponent as well. Don’t invade carelessly if you don’t know which champions you can invade.

Manage your pathing

This is important for you to pay attention to, pathing will determine whether the invade will succeed or how you can enter or not to invade. For example, if you use Graves, a good example of pathing is that you go straight to the opponent’s buff camp via the pit using skill 3 to avoid wards. Then go straight home and continue the usual path.

Don’t Just Enter

This is something that many players often do wrong. They try to invade in the wrong way, and in the end they usually get caught in the gang. Always find a safe way. Going through the pit and using mobility skills or walking quickly towards the jungle can be a solution.

Don’t be alone

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Try not to be alone when doing an invade like this. Actually you can be alone, it’s just that this is very risky. Ask for the help of your closest lane and try to disturb your opponent when jungling. With the help of friends, you can win numbers and can do this invade faster.

Those are some jungle invade tips for pre 3 Wild Rift. It could be a solution for those of you who really want to dominate from the start and make the opponent’s jungler lag behind. Create a jungle gap that is good for your team later.

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