Jota and Kapella, as an Aggressive Combination in Free Fire (FF)

In Free Fire, there are various character combination that you can try in a squad, in order to have a really powerful team. In order to have a powerful team, each member must use a character with a skill that will complete each other’s weaknesses. And one of the best combination is Jota and Kapella in Free Fire. So here we have some reasons why Jota and Kapella is a good aggressive combination in Free Fire.

Jota and Kapella, as an Aggressive Combination in Free Fire (FF)

Jota will increase his healing capability

Kapella’s skill will make Jota be able to increase his healing capability to get even better. This combination will make Jota becoming an even better rusher in Free Fire. So you can try killing an enemy using Jota, and he can increase more of his HP. These two combination is really good as an aggressive combination in Free Fire.

Kapella can be a sniper

Kapella can also be useful as a sniper to backup Jota as he rush an enemy in Free Fire. However, try to spare 1 enemy for Jota to kill, because it’s the only way for Jota to activate his skill. Remember to not to get too aggressive in the game if you’re using Kapella. It’s because Kapella is a character that is suitable as a support in Free Fire.

Rusher with a healer as an aggressive combination in Free Fire

One of the best strategy to help a rusher is by having a healer on a rusher’s side. A sniper that is capable of killing an enemy from afar, is really useful for a rusher to help them slay more enemies in the game. Which is why, these two characters can really complete each other as an aggressive combination in Free Fire.

An all-around team

With these two characters, you will practically have an all around team. These two can be flexible to any roles in the game, if you combine it properly. However, there is one thing that you must pay attention to. Which is a flanker. In any ways, you must not let a flanker takes over your support or a healer. If it does, then it can be bad for your team. And it will be more difficult for you to win the game.

And that’s some explanation on Jota and Kapella, and how they can be a really great aggressive combination in Free Fire. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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