Johnson’s Special Skin Will Be Present at Lucky Shop Mobile Legends (ML)?

One of the interesting features to get the latest update is Lucky Spin, where in this one feature you can get various interesting heroes and skins, and of course the latest Special skins that are present at Lucky Shop. Reportedly, one of the newest Special skins for Johnson’s hero will be present at the Lucky Shop called Death Ride.

Previously, there were many confusing leaks about the presence of the newest Skin for this Johnson hero, previously this Johnson skin would become an Elite skin and will be present at the end of December. However, the latest leak that is reportedly obtained from the official party, namely Moonton, Skin Death Ride will be the latest Special skin to be present at the Lucky Shop.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a leak about the newest skin that will be coming for Johnson’s hero named Death Ride and you can get it for free at the Lucky Shop in Mobile Legends. Of course this is a good thing, especially for those of you F2P users in Mobile Legends.

Latest Lucky Shop Skin in Mobile Legends

The newest Johnson Death Ride special skin is said to be the newest skin on the Lucky Shop feature in Mobile Legends. You can get this skin quite easily, which is to exchange it for Lucky Gem items. Of course, only 40 Lucky Gems are enough to bring this skin home.

Johnson Death Ride has a really cool look with its all-purple color. With animation which of course will be cooler than other skins. This skin is mandatory for you to have, especially Johnson users in Mobile Legends.

With the presence of this one leak, it will be very good news for you Johnson users. The reason is for those of you who don’t have Johnson skin, you can easily get the Johnson Death Ride and of course for free. Just draw the event that is taking place and get the latest skin on this one.

When will it be released in Mobile Legends?

According to the leaks, it is reported that the Special Johnson Death Ride skin will be here in December 2020. This has been confirmed by Moonton through the presence of the Johnson Death Ride skin on the Advanced Server Mobile Legends. So, it has been confirmed that this one skin will actually be present at the Lucky Shop. You only need to prepare 40 Lucky Gems.

With the addition of the Johnson Death Ride skin, at the Lucky Shop itself, there are 3 special skins that you can get, starting from the Odette skin, the Sun hero skin, and the three Johnson Death Ride skins. But unfortunately, it is not in accordance with the previous leak which said that there will also be a Harith Fashion Expert skin which is a special skin too.

So that’s it for our latest review regarding the newest Johnson Death Ride skin which will be present at the Lucky Shop Event in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, the presence of this new skin will make Johnson users get good news. Hopefully useful and see you!

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