Jakarta Minor Brings Up a List Invite South America and CIS Qualifications!

Even though there was some bad news about the development of esports in the Philippines, we still hope for the best in the future. Continue with the development of esports in our beloved country which has a great opportunity to show how big the hype is when there is a world-class tournament near us.

After yesterday announcing the final format by only providing 1 direct invite slot for Evil Geniuses and 7 slots from qualifiers for various regions. The latest information appears on wiki.teamliquid.net, especially on the GESC Jakarta Minor page which shows several lists of teams that have received invites for qualifying for South America and also CIS.

It turned out that the first GESC qualification did not involve many teams, they only invited 4 teams each for the two regions. South America gets invites for teams that have been seen on the scene quite often.

While good news came in the invite list announcement for the CIS qualification which showed Natus Vincere and 3 other strong teams who would fight each other to win the Main Event slot in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the schedule for the South America region has not been received yet, but for the CIS it has been shown, just check it out below:

6 January 2018

  • 08:00 PM – Team Spirit vs Vega Squadron – BO3
  • 23:00 WIB – Natus Vincere vs Vega Squadron – BO3

7 January 2018

  • 20:00 WIB – Winner Bracket Final – BO3
  • 23:00 WIB – Lower Bracket Round 1 – BO3

8 January 2018

  • 20:00 WIB – Lower Bracket Final – BO3
  • 23:00 WIB – Grand Final – BO5
source, wiki.teamliquid.net/dota2

The livestream link is likely to be broadcast live by Ligagame as its Broadcasting team. Stay tuned for the livestream and support your favorite team, Happy Watching ?

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