It’s easy to kill enemies with Groza PUBG Mobile, here are the tips!

PUBG Mobile has weapons of various types, you can find all weapons in the loot area, but there are some weapons that you can only get from the Airdrop Supply Box.

The weapon that comes from the Airdrop Box certainly has special properties so that not all players at PUBG Mobile can use this weapon. An example of a weapon that can only be obtained from Airdrop Supply is Groza.

The Groza weapon is an AR weapon that is known to be very deadly. However, the nature of Groza has flaws that ultimately make some players hesitate to use it.

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Then how about easy tips for controlling this special weapon? Come on, see the explanation below!

It’s easy to kill enemies with Groza PUBG Mobile


Shooting Range

Groza is a weapon with a high fire rate and great damage. Groza is a weapon with characteristics such as the result of the merger between AKM and Beryl.

Groza has the same damage as AKM, and the fire rate is slightly faster than Beryl, so it is certain that killing enemies at close range using Groza is easy.

So, make sure you use Groza as a close combat weapon, because it will definitely feel very fast to kill your enemy if you use this weapon.

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The downside of Groza is its Muzzle slot which can only be filled with Suppressors. Meanwhile, Flash Hider and Compensator cannot be used in this weapon.

Suppressor is indeed a muzzle which is very suitable for use when shooting enemies at close range, for example when you are proning and there is an enemy, the enemy will be killed faster because the suppressor from Groza dampens the spark.

The damage given is also no joke, so you haven’t had time to find where the shot is, the enemy will definitely die in an instant.

Groza has a high fire rate and damage and certainly makes it a weapon with a large recoil, coupled with its muzzle which cannot be filled by Compensator and Flash hider which can reduce its recoil making this weapon indeed more suitable for close combat.

So, don’t forget to use muzzle suppressor when you use Groza, so that your sparks can be suppressed so that the enemy will have a hard time finding where you are.

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When using a weapon with a high firing rate and recoil like this, the most suitable scopes are RDS and Holographic considering that these two scopes can add stability and are suitable for close combat.

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand how to use Groza properly and correctly. Thank you for listening!


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