Item Build Irithel Mobile Legends, Marksman ML Auto Win hurts damage

Irithel is a mobile legends marksman hero role which is very annoying if used properly. He is unique in that Irithel can attack while moving, which is very annoying because enemies who depend on skill shots will find it difficult to hit him. You have to use the Irithel Mobile Legends Build Item to get the most damage on mobile legends

Irithel also has a leap that makes it a bit difficult to catch and a deadly selfbuff in late game mobile legends because the damage is very high. Irithel’s real strength is that he can easily perform effective kiting, against heroes who are easy to kite and do not have jump or leap skills, it is almost certain that Irithel will win easily.

Here we will provide the best build items for Irithel mobile legends that will safely provide the best damage for him. Keep in mind that Irithel is a regular DPS hero so don’t expect him to deal high damage quickly, Irithel is the main damage priority in the team because in teamfight he is very deadly.

If you are curious about Irithel’s build, we have prepared it below for you to imitate or just to try items to suit your respective builds.

Latest Irithel Mobile Legends Build Items


Irithel will need a pretty high ASPD and Swift Boots will provide this stat. This is to increase his DPS to make it higher and more effective. In addition, Irithel, who is very easy to kite, will greatly benefit from this item.


The main reason DHS is such a strong core item is that Irithel will require high ASPD and this item has that stat. In addition, Irithe will have difficulty fighting tanks where this item will help Irithel’s damage to make it more painful. Good stats and strong passive make DHS a core item for Irithel.


The best build for Irithel is to focus on critical and Berserker is his important item. With high ASPD, crit will be more consistent and Irithel will have very high and strong DPS. This item is a must buy.


Items that have a very high stat from ASPD, damage, and also a little crit chance also have a passive which is suitable for Irithel. With this item in teamfight and wave clear, Irithel will make it easier and can provide a consistent and effective high DPS.


One more item that increases his ASPD and crit is Scarlet. This item is very strong in lategame so that Irithel’s ASPD is more consistent and high ASPD can trigger critical more often and consistently.


Despair will be Irithel’s last item to increase his damage. Despair is the highest damage item in the game and will be very deadly combined with his critical.

That’s the best build item for Irithel to make your game easier. Irithel is mm kiter which means you must not stay still and have to keep moving to make it difficult for the enemy.


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