Item Build Hero AoV Amily Bruiser, Very Thick And Strong 1v1

Amily is a warrior-assassin hero who has lots of builds and roles. Himself can be used on DS lane, jungle, even support and has a build bruiser, burst, and tanker support. This time we will give Amily Bruiser build items to be strong when teamfight and 1v1.

Amily’s passivity is probably her main selling point. Increases damage very high when 1v1 and no enemies nearby make it very strong in DS lane or farming in the jungle. This bruiser build is not as painful as his build burst, but with this build Amily will be very strong when dealing with enemy heroes or being the front line during a team fight.

If you are curious about this build bruiser you can keep reading down.

Item Build Hero AoV Amily Bruiser


Gilded Boots are suitable shoes for Amily because her lack of strong escape skills makes her vulnerable to CC and lockdowns. Gilded also provides magic defense that makes Amily strong against or is hit by a poke from an enemy mage. Can be changed to Sonic Boots a little stronger 1v1 against physical damage.


Mantle of Ra will be your first item to provide good damage and defense because Amily will keep clinging to your opponent frequently. Ra’s burn effect is also quite strong because of the stack with his ulti, making Amily feared when the ulti is active.


Spear of Longinus will be your damage item, this item will provide a fairly strong armor break for each attack. Amily who is strong for 1v1 and has to keep hitting her opponent will benefit from Longinus. This item also provides the HP and CDR that Amily needs.


Amily who has CC slow and knockback will benefit from Frost Cape. FC will slow Amily’s attack every time she uses this skill, this item also has a little burst that helps. FC also provides HP, Armor, and CDR which are useful for him.


Aegis provides high armor but that’s not the only reason to buy this item. Aegis has a passive when the enemy attacks their user they will be slowed down, this makes Amily stronger when 1v1 against an opponent hero or MM who tries to strike back. Aegis also provides CDR and which one Amily needs.


Amily’s last item is somewhat flexible. You can buy medallions to get stronger against magic because this build lacks magic def, but if you fight many physical heroes you can buy mail of pain. Amily can also buy Fenrir Tooth to increase her damage.


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