Is Turtling Better Steffie FF Or Dj Alok In Free Fire?

Free Fire has many characters that you can use. You can later take advantage of the skills that these characters have while playing, that way you can attack enemies more easily. You can see the details of the characters, so you can find out how to use the skills. Here we will discuss about the characters in Free Fire which are suitable if turtling is better, Steffie FF or Dj Alok in Free Fire.

There are many characters that you can use and each character has skills that you can use while playing. It’s better if you read the detailed skills of the characters, so you know how these skills work. Some have passive skills, but some have active skills. Depending on the use of skills, you can use skills more effectively.

Some characters can become more defensive with their skills, and can do turtling more easily. Characters like Dj Alok or Steffie, can do turtling easily. They both have skills that can make them withstand more damage, so you can hold off enemies more easily. However, among them, who is better in terms of skills and gameplay?

Better Turtling Characters Steffie Or Alok

Both of them have active skills that are equally strong. One can provide heal and movement speed, while the other has a strong damage reduction. They have a lot of advantages and disadvantages, so the way they play is quite different. Here we will discuss them both:


Dj Alok is a character who has active skills, which can provide heal and movement speed. You can use the healing speed for various things, such as chasing enemies or running from them. However, if you take Burst damage, it’s a different story.


+) Heal which helps increase blood

+) Flexible movement speed

+) CD that is not too old


-) Soft without armor

-) Lost to Burst Damage


Steffie is a character who has quite strong defensive skills. His skill can reduce all damage received for quite a long time. You can withstand a lot of attacks with the skills you have, because Scaling is quite high per level. However, there are cons that you must accept in using Steffie.


+) Can Withstand Almost All Attacks

+) Strong even without Armor

+) Long enough effect


-) Does not have Self Heal

-) Difficult timing in using skill

If you pay attention, you can use Steffie if you are playing passively and want to be able to withstand the attacks of many enemies at once. However, if you are more gesture and want to have a heal that can help you, you can use Alok with the Buff he has.

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Those are the tips about the better turtling character Steffie or Alok in Free Fire that you can try. Both of them have strong skills when used, and if you are comfortable using these characters, it’s better if you use a character that you think is suitable. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!


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