Is Lunar Skin Really Good for MP40 Free Fire?

Weapons are important items that must be considered in the game Free Fire. The reason is that using the right weapon will produce a classy game. Besides that, you also have to pay attention to weapon skins. Choose the weapon skin that suits you. Now, this time I will provide information about the skin for the Lunar MP40 free fire weapon.

In the Free Fire game you have to consider what role you want to use. After that you must know what weapon is the most suitable for the role you choose. Don’t get wrong in choosing a weapon so you don’t become a burden on the team.

To strengthen weapon performance, you can use weapon skins. Choose a weapon skin according to what you want to strengthen from your weapon. You also have to pay attention to the starting stat points of your weapons.

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  • DAMAGE 48
  • RANGE 22

MP40 is a Submachine Gun (SMG) type weapon known for its insane rate of fire. It can be said that MP40 is one of the weapons with the highest rate of fire in Free Fire. As a melee weapon, the MP40 has a high degree of accuracy.

Gun Skin Lunar MP40

If you like Chinese culture, of course you will like this skin. This skin brings an atmosphere of Chinese culture into the game Free Fire.

It looks attractive with a distinctive Chinese cultural theme with red and yellow colors. But what makes this skin unique is that it is a robotic style. So Chinese culture is a robotic style.

For its performance, the Lunar MP40 skin increases the accuracy of the weapon by two points. In addition, the range of weapons has increased. You could say this is one of the best skins because by increasing the range of weapons, the Lunar skin also increases the accuracy of the weapon. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces the reloading speed of the weapon.

Really Favorite MP40 Lunar Skin on FF?

As described above, we know that the MP40 is a weapon with a high rate of fire with a high degree of accuracy for melee weapons. This SMG weapon will be deadly if it can be used at a greater distance than before.

Lunar skins provide increased weapon range. In addition, the accuracy of the weapon was increased by two points. Melee weapons with high accuracy like the MP40 will be able to be used at longer distances but still have a high degree of accuracy thanks to using this Lunar skin.

Even though this skin reduces the reload speed, the tremendous increase in stat points provided by this skin is certainly very tolerable.

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That’s the info about the best skin for the MP40, namely the Lunar Skn. With an increase in stat points like that it will make the MP40’s performance very deadly. Thank you and booyah!

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