Inuyasha’s Android Mobile Game Is Ready to Present This Year!

Do you still remember the anime series on Inuyasha’s Sunday? With the characteristic red clothes, long white hair and big swords, this anime has been instrumental in accompanying your childhood for you children in the 90s. Inuyasha will be here to accompany you through video games on Android. This time there is an Inuyasha Android Mobile Game Ready to Present this Year!

In the 90s, there were many series that aired on Indonesian television, such as One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and of course Inuyasha, which aired every morning until Saturday and Sunday morning.

Inuyasha’s Android Mobile Game Is Ready to Present This Year!

Good news for those of you who want to reminisce about this anime. Hammer Entertainment, a developer from South Korea, has announced that they will release an Android game from Inuyasha.

This game will be available later and you can play it on iOS and Android. To be precise in the middle of this year, they will release this game in Japan for the first time.

The game, which will be titled Inuyasha – The Awakening Story, will include a reunion with the demon and a girl named Kagome who accidentally fell into an old well.

Unexpectedly, Kagome turned into a time machine that made him move into the feudal era in Japan thousands of years ago. There Kagome will face various exciting and mystical adventures with demons, witches, and other mystical creatures in that era.

Hammer Entertainment is also a developer who created the game Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross in collaboration with Netmarble. Of course, the presence of these two developers will make this Inusyasha Smartphone Game worth the wait.


In Inuyasha’s own Android Mobile Game gameplay, you can manage party members from various characters in the anime series. Later, various adventure scenes will appear to pamper players to reminisce about the game. You can also use various characters with their respective attacks.

The First Mobile Game With Old Anime Adaptations!

Is the first Inuyasha Android Mobile Game to adapt the Inuyasaha franchise, this game seems very promising as there are two big developers behind it.

Even so, previously there were two other Inuyasha games. First comes an MMORPG game entitled Inuyasaha: Battle of Naraku, however, the news is only a rumor and its existence has never appeared.

The second is Inuyasha: Naraku’s War, which was released on the Google Play Store before it was released. However, now it has disappeared due to copyright infringement issues with the original creator.

Now, this latest Inuyasha Android Mobile Game will carry the concept of Action RPG, you can play various types of characters in the anime. In addition, there are also Rank characters that use letter-type granding where these characters are class S and SR.

Now one of the SR characters is Inuyasha’s brother, Seshomaru, of course as an SR rank he will be an OP character in the game. So what do you think? So, I want to reward again.

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