Interesting Facts in Match ML 1 Aura Fire vs Geek Fam MPL ID Season 6 Mobile Legends

Pro scene Mobile Legends, namely MPL ID Season 6, has entered Week 4. On the first day and the first match, Aura Fire faced Geek Fam. There are some interesting facts in Match ML 1 Aura Fire vs Geek Fam MPL ID Season 6 Mobile Legends that you should know

The two teams are both in the lowest position of the MPL ID Season 6 standings. However, that does not mean Aura Fire or Geek Fam are unable to provide performance and surprises to MPL ID Season 6 fans.

Therefore, here are some interesting facts on match 1st between Aura Fire and Geek Fam MPL ID Season 6 Week 4 Day 1!

1-2-2 formation

As we already know, that META hyper carry popularized the 1-3-1 formation with 2 team members as members offlaner and 3 other members in the area midlane.

It seems that the 1-3-1 formation is no longer valid for the Aura Fire team, which has given a surprise to MPL ID fans at match this 1st.

In this match, Aura Fire uses a 1-2-2 formation that brings a nostalgic impression. With AURA VaanStrong as midlaner with her Parsha and takes blue buff, as well as AURA Vanss in the area botlane with WanWan who obtained red buff.

Parsha herself was accompanied by AURA Phoenix who used Baxia and WanWan accompanied by AURA Darknesss with her Selena. While in the area toplane, AURA Qeira as the only one offlaner from Aura Fire by using Thamuz.

Jungle Emblem Effectiveness

From the Geek Fam team itself, GEEK DoyokSyl who is carry from the Geek Fam team using Yi Sun-Shin. The Geek Fam Formation is also 1-3-1 with GEEK DoyokSyl as hyper carry.

But unexpectedly, the difference in the difference in gold has been seen since the 5th minute of the match. Where is AURA Vanss with WanWan in the area botlane obtain net worth which is higher than the GEEK DoyokSyl.

The biggest reason AURA Vanss is successful in doing this is because of the jungle emblem it uses. AURA Vanss itself uses the jungle emblem with talent: veteran hunter. Where talent it gives 50 additional gold every time you eliminate creep by using battle spell: retribution.

The tempo of the game

The effectiveness of the jungle emblem used by AURA Vanss is also supported by the tempo of the game that occurs. With first blood which just happened in the 6th minute, this match between Aura Fire and Geek Fam can be said to be quite passive.

Whole match the 1st itself lasted 21 minutes with the first winning point secured by Aura Fire.

Based on the discussion above, the success of Aura Fire with a 1-2-2 formation and winning at match 1 is a surprising thing. Will this formation be emulated by other teams in MPL ID Season 6 in the next match?

That’s what the interesting facts are on match 1st between Aura Fire vs Geek Fam! Stay tuned for every match and new surprises in MPL ID Season 6 this Week 4. Don’t forget to keep supporting your favorite team!

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