IMEI Rules Apply, How to Check IMEI and HP BM Risks

It has been announced for a long time and even for years, the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) rules finally starting April 18, 2020, have come into full effect in Indonesia.

For those of you who may not know what the IMEI rules are, this rule will easily make cellphones sold on the black market or those from non-official markets die.

Not only cellphones from the black market, this IMEI regulation will also target cellphones purchased from abroad because they do not provide benefits to the state either through taxes or other things.

Of course, if you are still insistent on buying a cellphone that comes from the black market or one from abroad, there are a number of disadvantages that buyers can face and even make the cellphone seem like it doesn’t have its main features.

Risks of Buying HP BM / from Abroad

If you buy either a black market cellphone or from abroad after April 18, you can be sure that the cellphone will be categorized as being unregistered on the IMEI in the government list unless the cellphone has been produced before that date.

And keep in mind, this IMEI setting applies to HKT (Cellphones, Handheld Computers, and Tablets), but of course the ones that are most affected are cellphones because their market is quite large in Indonesia.

But if you are still insistent on buying a cellphone that is not registered on the IMEI, later all operators will block it because it uses a whitelist scheme that has also been used in various countries.

This means that the black market cellphone cannot be filled with sim cards because all operators will block it and the cellphone cannot be used for calls / SMS for sure.

How to Check IMEI

After knowing the losses that can be obtained if you decide to buy a black market cellphone or abroad after April 18, 2020, those of you who are curious about how to check the IMEI on their cellphone can do the following steps.

1. Search / Get HP IMEI number first

To access the Ministry of Industry’s page for the purpose of checking the IMEI, of course you need an IMEI number so that later it can be used to check and find out whether BM HP or not.

By typing * # 06 # on your cellphone, there will automatically be an IMEI number displayed in 15 digits which is located above the barcode and serial number.

2. Check the IMEI number on the Ministry of Industry’s Page

If you have got an IMEI number, all you have to do is access the official page of the Ministry of Industry and then enter 15 digits from each IMEI number.

If so, later there will be the words “IMEI registered in the Ministry of Industry database” or “IMEI not registered in the Ministry of Industry database”, each of which shows the IMEI status on your cellphone.

Now, after knowing how the IMEI rules work and have come into effect after April 18, 2020 and how to check them, make sure you won’t buy BM HP anymore to get full access!

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