If You Are Outside the Free Fire Safe Zone, FF Players Must Do This!

Know that right now there are a number of things that FF players have to do if there are still outside the Free Fire Zone. It must be something like this, it is quite good and very interesting for us to do. In the future, you will definitely have no trouble when competing against enemies in free fire. Because we already know a lot of preparations in the future, we will definitely make it easier for later.

The update that is presented in the Free Fire game is indeed good and must be very cool. Tips for becoming a pro player too, now we shouldn’t miss it later. It is true that currently there is a Way to Become a Free Fire Pro Player, which we can also follow now. With things like this, we will definitely go up in rank quickly too, of course.

Being outside the zone is not a good sign, but there are a few things you should do. This is so that you can play better and don’t waste time or your cellphone later.

Here are the things that you should do if the FF players are still outside the free fire safe zone:

Search for Vehicles

The first most important thing is to find a vehicle, so that we can use it when the zone starts to shrink. Of course this way you will be even easier, to play even though you are outside the zone. This is one of the important things, where the preparation will go well.

Don’t forget the vehicle that we get, it can be free and basically we can use it to go. Because the shrinking zone speed is indeed very fast, so try to use a vehicle. Although fast, but this vehicle is much faster for us to use later.

Always Be Alert

Those of you who play outside this zone, must always be vigilant from all directions. Things like this are very important for us to do, because from that, of course we will make it even easier to fight the enemy later.

By having a high level of alertness, of course that way you will definitely not be bored anymore trying to play outside the zone. Especially for now, all of you have to understand and later it will be even easier to play this Free Fire game in the future.

Looting Can Be But Look At The Time Zone Moving

When we are outside the zone, of course we have to be able to boot quite well and for future preparations too. But unfortunately we need to pay attention to things like this, because things like this are important and will be one of the dangers for us later.

Always look at the time zone to shrink, because if you forget we could be in danger too. Moreover, from things like this we who are outside the zone, will receive damage little by little. So if you want to boot it is also fine, as long as you can see the time later.

Don’t Forget Heal Items

Heal is one of the things we need to do, if the HP we have is drastically reduced. Of course things like this will make us even stronger, after experiencing a lot of HP shortages. Because of this, we also have to understand about items like this.

Because Heal is one of the most important things, which will make us stronger. If you are outside the Zone and are exposed to small damage, then this heal item will be very useful later. The existing Heal items are Inhealer and Medic Kit.

Every preparation we make is important and makes it easier for us to win. That’s why preparations like this too, should not be missed later. Where if we are outside the zone, we have to be able to do all of this too.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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