Ice Blue Free Fire Weapon Skins Make Weapon Damage Crazy in FF!

Free Fire as the best battle royale game is currently improving the quality of its game. One way is to strengthen weapons. A good weapon guarantees classy play. Besides that, you also have to pay attention to weapon skins. For those of you who like deadly attacks to get kills easily, this time my esports will provide information about the Ice Blue Free Fire Weapon Skin.

Each weapon performs well. However, using weapons that don’t match their performance actually makes the game messy. Therefore there must be a consideration in choosing a weapon. Besides that, you also have to pay attention to what weapon skins you want to use.

Weapon skins serve to beautify the appearance of your weapon while maximizing weapon performance. There are weapon skins that strengthen accuracy points, rate of fire, and so on. For those of you who want an atmosphere of playing with deadly attacks, of course choosing a skin weapon with strong damage is the main choice. Now, this time I will provide information about the Ice Blue skin, which happens to be relatively new in Free Fire. Curious? Follow the following article.

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Gun Skin Box Ice Blue

Ice Blue Free Fire Weapon Skin

Usually when Valentine’s are always filled with love images that indicate romance and affection. However, love on Valentine’s Day does not always have to be symbolized by an image of love. That’s what happened during Valentine’s Day in February 2020 on Free Fire yesterday.

Previously, Free Fire had also released a Valentine’s themed Valentine’s weapon skin, complete with its love style. Besides that, there are also skins girly. Now specifically for this year Free Fire celebrates Valentine by not issuing a lova-patterned weapon skin, but there is still an atmosphere sweet on the display of the weapon.

The Ice Blue weapon skin was here in February 2020 yesterday. In addition, this skin was also present at the same time as the boocin event which stands for love booyah. Let’s boocin together to get a variety of attractive prizes including this Ice blue skin.

Far from being said, this love skin comes with a combination of light blue and white which makes it look impressive girly. There is no special pattern that signifies Valentine. There are only a few shades. You could say this skin is a skin with a nice appearance simple.

This Ice Blue skin is available for two weapons, namely M1014 and KAR98K. These are the two stat point increases of the two weapons.

Gun Skin M1014 Ice Blue

This type of Shotgun (SG) weapon has high damage of 94! With that much damage it will make it easier for you to get a kill. As a melee weapon, the M1014 has a high degree of accuracy. The drawback of this weapon is the rate of fire which is fairly slow.

M1014 is a fierce weapon with deadly damage. What if the appearance becomes soft? That is what this Ice Blue skin presents. The light blue and white color combination makes the M1014 look really good girly but still deadly. There are a few stripes and other hues to this skin.

We know that M1014 is a weapon with high damage. But do you imagine if this weapon gets an increase in damage? Of course the M1014 is going to be a crazy weapon. This Ice Blue skin increases weapon damage by two points. But the drawback of this skin is that it reduces the accuracy of the weapon. With the M1014’s high initial accuracy level, I think this drop is tolerable.

Gun Skin KAR98K Ice Blue

KAR98K is a type of Sniper Rifle with 90 damage! This weapon, which is good for long distances, has an intermediate level of accuracy. The drawback of this weapon is the relatively slow rate of fire.

With the Ice Blue skin, this KAR98K will have a light blue and white appearance. A little black color to strengthen the Ice Blue look. Simple enough for those of you who like blue and soft colors, this skin is perfect for your collection.

For performance as previously mentioned, this skin can increase weapon damage by two points. This will make KAR98K’s ranged attacks very deadly and easy to get kills. But the drawback of this skin is that it reduces the accuracy of the weapon. It is unfortunate.

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That’s the Ice Blue weapon skin that comes on Valentine’s time with a very sweet and soft appearance. With great damage, this skin is quite feared. Thank you and booyah!

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