Hurt Hero Season 15 Mobile Legends 2020

The Mobile Legends game has been played by more than 150 million people in the world, besides this game is famous in Indonesia. Mobile Legends already has lots of dancing features, events and various heroes that players can play. This time there is the Sick Hero Season 15 Mobile Legends 2020

Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game has also brought many changes to the game, so that not a few players feel more comfortable now. Not only that, they have also presented an interesting event to complete, for example, the event to get a free Martis Special Skin.

The event that was presented was attended by many players, besides that you also don’t need to worry about money being drained out. Because this event is completely free and to spin, you only need to use a Party Chord Token.

This Party Chord can also be obtained by playing with friends and winning matches.

In addition, Moonton also presents many heroes who are quite unique. So that it helps the players to win in a match.

On this occasion we will provide some information about the Sick Hero in Season 15 ML.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Hurt Hero Season 15 Mobile Legends 2020

  1. X Borg

Since the beginning of its release, X Borg is still a very painful Figther now. This is because the mechanism for dealing unique damage, this hero is able to provide a large amount of True Damage. Even able to break through Grock’s defense.

In addition, ML X Borg’s Hero Sick Season 15 is also able to escape easily if his blood is half used up. Even though this hero has been hit by a lot of nerves, nothing can match the damage he has given him.

  1. Hurt Hero Season 15 Mobile Legends 2020 Wanwan

This Marksman has quite high damage and agility, even Wanwan is also difficult in Ciduk. This is because of his Passive, where each attack will immediately jump in the specified direction.

In addition, you shouldn’t underestimate the damage from this Hero. Ultimate Wanwan has Chain Reaction, where he has succeeded in killing enemies with Ultimate, then he will attack other enemies with Ultimate. The damage dealt is also very large, be careful.

  1. Khufra

Maybe a little strange, but in fact Khufra is the Tank with the most damage. The Painful Hero Season 15 Mobile Legends 2020 is also able to count Dash and Spell Flicker skills. So that Khufra was able to block their movements, even hindering those who wanted to run away.

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All Hero’s Sick skills Season 15 ML Khufra contains Crowd Control effect, which has a Knockback, Stun and Knock Up effect. Each of his skills was very annoying during War, so it was natural for Khufra to be a subscription banned in Ranked.

  1. Gusion

This assassin has enormous damage, making Gusion a subscription to Banned until now. The Painful Hero Season 15 Mobile Legends 2020 is also able to finish off a Tank with just one or two combos. If Gusion is used by Pro Player, then don’t expect you to play it safe.

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Pro Player Gusion is more synonymous with picking up enemies with weak blood, thus making him dare to also enter the enemy jungle. Besides that, Gusion is also an easy Savage Hero.

  1. Hylos

The most hurtful Hero Season 15 in Mobile Legends 2020 is Hylos. Even though he is a Tank, the area damage resulting from Skill 2 is very annoying. It’s not annoying because it’s Slow, but the damage is capable of repaying the enemy’s HP so it’s very annoying.

Hylos also has an annoying Crowd Control Effect, Skill 1 Hylos is able to give Stun to enemies. Skill 2 and Ultimate are able to provide a slow effect which is really slow, making it difficult for the enemy to escape.

So, those are the 5 sick heroes in season 15 right now. How? Interested in trying one of the 5 heroes?

That’s all, Thank you.

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