How to Use the Best Kadita ML Mage in Mobile Legends

Kadita is the queen of the south coast who is adapted in the Mobile Legends hero, just like Gatot Kaca, she is a hero from Indonesia with a mage class and a role burst charge.

Kadite is a mage with high enough damage and has a skill that has a special ability to chase opponents and kill them quickly.

Kadita Mobile Legends Skill Set

Passive Skill: Thalassophobia

Kadita will gain ocean power every 30 seconds. With this passive skill, Kadita will renegotiate the HP as much as 65% which loses when it is hit by 4 seconds of damage.

Skill 1: Ocean Oddity

Kadita will ride the waves in the specified direction and produce magic damage to each enemy by giving a 70% slow effect.

When in waves, Kadia will be immune to all crowd control effects and get a reduction in damage received.

Skill 2: Breath of the Ocean

Kadita will create an area with predetermined wave attacks. The wave will produce magic damage and throw the enemy into the air (knock up) for 1.5 seconds. When this skill is activated under Kadita’s feet, Breath of the Ocean will activate faster than being activated elsewhere.

Ultimate: Rough Waves

Kadita will enter the water and create a tsunami wave. Each wave will produce magic damage. Enemies who are hit by more than one wave will get greater damage.

The tsunami effect will return to Kadita after she reappears and gets more bonus damage.

Kadita’s strengths

Kadita is an agile mage hero.

Very strong during Team Fight and hard to kill.

Kadita has excellent disable skills.

Lack of Kadita

Requires proper timing and positioning.

As a hero mage, he really depends on the team.

Kadita is a hero that is difficult to use.

Emblem Set and Battle Spell Kadita ML

As a mage, Kadita usually uses the Custom Mage Emblem with the Impure Rage talent to inflict additional damage on enemies.

As for the Battle Spell, Kadita can use Aegis, Execute or Flicker to increase mobility.

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Kadita’s Best Build Item

There are three build items that you can choose from. Because kadita luamyan is wasteful, I highly recommend which shoes to use so that she can often issue her skills. All of the builds above are free to choose from, all three of which are very suitable for Kadita to use.

How to Play Kadita Mobile Legends

When you start playing, Kadita is the core hero, you can be placed in the mid lane and assisted by a tank. Apart from being in Mid, Kadita can also play on Bot Lane or Top Lane but of course accompanied by a fighter or tank. Not recommended for solo lane.

In the Early Game you only focus on laning and farming, use Kadita’s skills to hinder enemies from farming or push.

If you have the opportunity, try to gank the enemy so that the team must cover it.

In Mid Lane to the Late game, Kadita was sick enough to kill the enemy’s core hero. You can try to initiate with the imune skills he has.

Also pay attention to always roaming and helping your team’s tanks to initiate attacks to win the match.

So, that’s how to play using Kadita’s hero in Mobile Legends. Hopefully you can use the method above and be useful when playing Mobile Legends.

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