How to Use the Best Helcurt Assassin in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is indeed one of the games that has various unique heroes with various mobile legends roles it has. So, one of the best assassin heroes who has the best disable skills is Helcurt.

The strength of Helcurt’s hero lies in his excellent Crowd Control skill, he also has high mobility to skills that make it easier to rank enemy heroes. But the drawback itself lies in the low skill durability and it is difficult to survive when the team fights.

Helcurt Mobile Legends Skill Set

Passive Skill: Race Advantage

Helcurt has a passive skill that allows enemy heroes to be hit silent when attacking Helcurt. The enemy will be silent for 1.5 seconds. This effect will provide a cooldown of 3 seconds.

Skill 1: Shadow Raid

When using this skill, Helcurt will disappear and appear in the specified direction. This skill will produce physical damage. In addition, the enemy will be hit by silent damage for 1.5 seconds.

Skill 2: Deadly Poisoned Stinger

When he hits the enemy, Helcurt will poke Poisoned Blade. When Deadly Poisoned is used, Helcurt will produce damage and slow effects.

Ultimate: Dark Night Falls

When activating this skill, Helcurt will blind all enemies for a few seconds. When this skill is active, Helcurt’s moan and moan speed will increase with the skill level he has.

Battle Spell and Emblem Set Helcurt Mobile Legends

For his battle spells, Helcurt usually uses Inspire as a damage enhancer when attacking enemies. Other spells that you can use are Retribution or Sprint.

As for the emblem business, Helcrut is required to use the Custom Assassin Emblem with the talent Bounty Hunter.

Best Build Item Helcurt

There are two types of builds that you can use, the first is a build that is devoted to DPS and Jungling attacks.

Choose a build according to your needs and mix it according to the conditions you are facing.

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How to Play Helcurt in Mobile Legends

Helcurt usually plays as an offlaner. The main way to play is by farming quickly. As an assassin hero he has the ability to farm quickly.

When farming is faster than anyone else, in the Early game you have superior abilities because you have high burst damage thanks to the Deadly Poisoned Stinger skill.

Aim for the hero who is currently on the solo lane with a combination of skill 1 to confuse the enemy and continue with skill 2. If the enemy runs away you can pursue him with the ultimate until the enemy dies.

In the mid game, you have to be careful when playing as Helcurt, because he has low durability. Helcurt can’t play long when the team fight is going on. He is more inclined as an executor hero for enemy core heroes.

When you reach the Late Game, you can suppress the enemy, Helcurt is the best hero during lategame. he has high damage that can kill instantly. Aim for enemy marksman when team fight is Helcurt’s main task in the Late Game.

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