How to Use the Best Akai ML Tank in Mobile Legends 2020

Akai is the best tank in Mobile Legends, with his ultimate Hurricane Dance skill he is one of the Tank heroes that must be anticipated. Akai’s skills are really annoying, he can turn and lead enemies or disperse the war.

Even though Akai has high defense as a tank, his damage cannot be underestimated. With Akai’s skills, it will be very difficult for you to attack him.

So because of that, here is a guide on how to use Akai in Mobile Legends. But before this, keep reading the following article until it’s finished.

How to Use the Best Akai ML Tank in Mobile Legends 2020

This time we will discuss how to use the Akai hero who is the best disabled hero in Mobile Legends. This hero tank is a mainstay for mobile legends players because it has the following advantages and disadvantages.

Akai’s strengths

Akai is very easy to Harass.

Has excellent disable ability.

Can count several other Ultimate hero skills.

Lack of Akai

Must be accustomed to herding enemies against the wall.

Requires accurate timing and positioning.

Weakened by Burst Damage attacks.

Akai Mobile Legends Skill Set

Passive Skill (Thai Chi)

Each time you use it, you can get 6% shield depending on the number of HP that Akai has. Shield can last up to 2 seconds and has a cooldown of 2.5 seconds.

Skill 1: Thousand Pounder

Akai jumps in the desired direction and deals damage to the surrounding area. The jump has a 30% slow area effect. If the enemy is hit by a Blender (frog sign) then the enemy will be stunned for 1 second.

Skill 2: Blender

Akai will throw a frog projectile and will explode to give damage (+120 percent physical attack) to the enemy for 5 seconds.

Ultimate: Hurricane Dance

Akai can rotate like a tornadeo for 3.5 seconds and will neutralize all enemy attacks it touches. Every time it hits the enemy, Akai will give damage that continues to decrease if you apply it many times.

Emblem Set and Battle Spell

You can use some Battle Spells to increase Akai’s mobility, now one of them is Flicker and Petrify. However, most Akai users currently use Petrify as their first spell because they can disable enemies and grind them with Hurricane Dance.

As a Tank, Akai is highly recommended to use a Custom Tank Emblem with Talent Brave so that he gets additional HP for every enemy crowd control.

Best Item for Akai

How to Use the Best Akai ML Tank in Mobile Legends

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How to Play Akai Mobile Legends

How to Play Akai Mobile Legends

In this Meta Season 15, Akai is usually placed in Mid Lane to cover Marksman, Mage or Assassin. If the team has 2 tanks, Akai will usually be placed in Bottom Lane to cover the hero carry,

Akai’s job is only to protect Carry and open the map at any time. Do the initiation to kidnap the enemy by accompanying him with the ultimate akai. Akai can jump and use Petrify to disable the enemy and lead him.

When in Mid Game, you have to be on the front lines to protect the team from Harras or Ganking. Do the Partrol as often as possible, when you get the right timing, do a team war to win the match.

When in the Late Game I have a high defensive. Akai can mess up enemies easily thanks to his Hurricane Dancenya.

So that’s how to use Akai in Mobile Legends, now for those of you who don’t understand. You can practice it while playing. And if there are other tips about Akai, you can spare them in the comments column below. Have a nice play.

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