How to Use Strong Hero ML Thamuz Fighter Mobile Legends

Is a hero fighter who has skills that not only provide burst damage, Thamuz fights like a bomb with an area attack that can hit all the enemies it faces. There is a way to use the strong hero ML Thamuz Fighter in Mobile Legends that you should know

Thamuz is very suitable for use as an offliner with excellent initiation capabilities. Thamuz is also very strong when facing two or more heroes. He is the strongest fighter hero you can play.

How to Use Strong Hero Thamuz Fighter in Mobile Legends

Thamuz Mobile Legends Skill Set

Passive Skill: Grand Lord Lava

Each Thamuz attack will burn all opponents with a scorch effect and produce physical damage continuously. Thamuz Damage will get a stack and will change it to True Damage when the opponent moves.

Skill 1: Slaughterous Scythes

Thamuz will throw his weapon forward and produce physical damage and slow by 40%. The weapon will stop when it hits the enemy and move back and give physical damage to the enemy.

Skill 2: Chasm Leap

Thamuz will jump in the predetermined direction and produce a physical damage area and give a slow effect for 2 seconds. If Thamuz doesn’t hold the sickle, then this skill can return the two sickles to Thamuz.

Ultimate: Cauterant Inferno

Thamuz will issue lava and produce physical damage to all enemies every 0.5 seconds to all enemies in its area for 9 seconds.

When this skill is active, Thamuz will get additional attack speed for every Thamuz attack and will recover around 2.5 percent of HP.

Battle Spell and Emblem Set Thamuz ML

Most current Thamuz users use Aegis or Ficker as their battle spell. This spell will increase the time he fights and can run away or chase enemies easily.

As for the emblem. Tamuz can use the Custom Fighter Emblem with the Unbvending Will talent to provide additional damage when fighting.

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Thamuz’s Best Build Item

You can use Thamuz as a damager or semi Tank. With a combination of lifestyle and Thamuz attacks, it won’t be easy to beat when in ultimate mode.

You also use build items with damage so that you get sick when attacking enemies on mobile legends.

How to Play Thamuz in Mobile Legends

Thamuz is a reliable fighter hero, he can be used as an offliner. Thamuz can fight two or more enemy heroes.

If the enemy uses ranged attacks, you can clean the minions first. Playing as a fighter of course you have to be patient and wait for the right timing.

When attacking, you can use skill combination attacks from Slaughterous Scythes and Chasm Leap to slowly drain the enemy’s HP.

While at Mid Lame, Thamus should already have the required build items. You can roam to other lanes to get more kill opportunities for the team and thamuz themselves.

Always try to target the enemy’s carry and disturb the enemy from farming. When fighting, don’t forget to always use ultimate Thamuz, because this skill has a pretty fast cooldown.

In the Late Game, Thamuz is strong enough to initiate this, you can take advantage of existing skills and start a team fight to disrupt your opponent’s formation. Make the enemy run scared when the team fight to steal victory.

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