How to Use PP-19 Bizon on PUBG Mobile, the Strongest SMG 2020!

PUBG Mobile presents a variety of new weapons with each update. Now one of their newest weapons is the PP-19 Bizon which is an SMG Rifle. Now discussing the matter of weapons, in the following we will provide tips on how to use the Strongest 2020 PP-19 Bizon SMG in PUBG Mobile easily.

PP-19 Bizon is an SMG weapon but has a smaller form in general SMGs. Even so, the attack itself deserves thumbs up. Bizon is a small weapon for cayenne pepper in PUBG Mobile.

The advantage itself is that it has so many bullets that it can be used at various distances which are quite effective.

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Tips for using PP-19 Bizon PUBG Mobile

For those of you PUBG Mobile players, here are some tips that can make you optimally able to use this weapon easily, effectively and responsively. Anything? Check below.

Use PP-19 Bizon at Medium Distance

Just like any other SMG weapon. The PP-19 Bizon can be used with a fair amount of bullets. This weapon can use auto mode so that it can easily launch bullets.

Bizon is very suitable for use at medium close range. But don’t try to be one by one with enemies using AR weapons. The reason is that in terms of ability, it is clear that you will lose.

Now the best way is to shoot by outwitting the enemy and using your survival skills.

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Take advantage of bullets as much as possible

The most interesting thing about this weapon is that it lies in the Megazine Extented weapon. You can use Bizon with up to 53 bullets.

In addition, it is equipped with an auto mode, of course you don’t need to worry about running out of bullets while fighting.

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Doesn’t Have Noisy Sound Effects

Now, the most beneficial when using this one weapon is that Bizon doesn’t make a noisy sound.

Especially if a silencer is used, the sound can come out perfectly quietly. We highly recommend this PP-19 Bizon to use a Suppressor or Compensator so that you can easily reduce the recoil.

However, even though using a compensator, the weapon itself still has a sound that is not too noisy.

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Use Complete Echantement

The last tip that you can apply is to use a complete echantement. Some of the supporting echantments for the PP-19 Bizon include Extented Mag, Supressor or Compresser, and Scope.

So, those are some tips on how to use PP-19 Bizon on PUBG Mobile effectively. Some of the methods above are very important for you to play PUBG Mobile with Bizon’s mainstay. Bizon can easily kill enemies at the beginning of the game.

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