How to Use FF Parachutes When Playing Free Fire

In a Battle Royale game, after we all get into the plane and will be escorted to an island where the island will be used as our battle arena later. This also applies to the Free Fire game as well, considering that this game is a Battle Royale type which is quite popular in Indonesia. there are several good and correct ways to use FF parachutes when playing Free Fire

After you get off the plane and go straight to the landing location you want. Of course, if you want to make a landing, you must also use a parachute. In using a parachute, this can also be said to be quite important too.

In the right way, then you will automatically be superior to other players because this landing is the core of your game later.

On this occasion we have 3 tips that you can use when using parachutes in Free Fire. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation below.

How to Use FF Parachutes When Playing Free Fire

In this Free Fire game too, there are lots of locations to make landings and at each of these locations there are also lots of items that are useful for us to use later. You will also have the opportunity to get an item with a high enough level too.

When you use a parachute too, you can also go down and get to a position that is quite far from the plane by using or directing the parachute correctly. The following are some explanations for using parachutes in Free Fire properly. Immediately, we see the article below.

  1. Already determined a location for landing

How to Use FF Parachutes When Playing Free Fire

As usual, we have to land in a place so that we can also get various items that support the war later. In every map in the Free Fire game, you can also visit and get other items.

When you are on the plane, you can also determine a suitable landing location for you or your squad members. If the location you are going to is far enough away, then there’s nothing wrong with using a parachute immediately when you get off the plane.

After that you can direct it to the place where you are going to arrive quickly and safely. This can make you get to the location you want, even though that location is far from the reach of the aircraft.

  1. How to Use the FF Parachute at the same time with friends

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If you play with a squad or your own friends, try to be able to boot simultaneously even if you can go down at the same time so that you are not scattered far by your squadmates.

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Not only that, you can also use parachutes simultaneously so you can achieve the same goal in groups.

  1. Land on an open building

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In every city or place in the Free Fire game, there are lots of different buildings. You can also use open buildings to make landings.

This will be very useful, because you can just enter and immediately boot. This could make you get weapons or items faster than your opponents later.

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Those are some tips for using the Parachute in the Free Fire game this time. The more players there are, the more challengers in this game. So you also have to be able to overcome this by using a parachute properly.

That’s all we can say, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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