How to Send Resource Data Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is a game that has large enough data, you need at least 2GB to 3GB to play this one game, apart from downloading it directly, you can also send resource data to the Mobile Legends game to save more quota. On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss how to send resource data to the Mobile Legends game in an easy way.

To send resource data in the Mobile Legends game itself is fairly easy, you only need to use a number of additional applications so you can send the Mobile Legends resource data file folder. So before that you have to back up the data and then send it.

How to Send Mobile Legends Resource Data

To send resource data in the Mobile Legend game, there are quite a few ways you can do. You can use the Shareit, Mi Drop, and Xplore applications, but this time we will give you a way to send resource data using SHAREit only.

To send resource data using SHAREit, you can first enter the files manager and open the Android / data / folder.

Then send the folder using the SHAREit application and wait for it to finish. If so, then just install the resource data on another cellphone.

But before that, you have to allow access to storage media on App Permissions, how to go to Settings >> Installed Applications >> Mobile Legends >> Allowed Access and Click Storage.

For this method, the settings are different. Surely you understand how to use this method.

Next, download the Mobile Legends game on the Google Play Store (don’t open it immediately) and then attach the resource data that has been sent to the Android / data / folder again.

How to Send Mobile Legends Resource Data

Isn’t it easy enough to send Mobile Legend resource data using SHAREit? In addition, please use the second method by using the application.

To make sure if you are successful by moving the Mobile Legends resource data, the method is quite easy, namely please open the Mobile Legends Game.

Once opened, you no longer need to download resource data again and can just play. If it doesn’t work and download data again, please repeat the method above and delete the previous folder so that the data doesn’t accumulate and become large.

So that’s the way to send resource data to the Mobile Legend game easily and quickly. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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