How to See Mobile Legends Credit Score (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that has various features in it. One of them is the Credit Score given to punish AFK players, now here’s how to easily see the Mobile Legends credit score. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a way to easily see the Mobile Legends credit score.

For how to see the Mobile Legends credit score itself, it is enough to confuse Mobile Legends gamers, because feature one often changes so those of you who try to look for it sometimes get confused and don’t even find it.

How to See Mobile Legends Credit Score

Here’s how to easily see the Mobile Legends credit score in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully this review can help those of you who want to try to check how many credit scores you have.

Here’s how to see the total number of mobile legends (ML) credit scores for the players:

  1. First, please enter the Mobile Legends game. Then after arriving at the Lobby, then click on your Mobile Legends Account Information.
  2. After the next account information, please click Battlefields, and you will find some information about your battle in Mobile Legends.
  3. Now on that menu you will see the Credit Score which is on the fourth menu in Battlefields.
  4. Well, congratulations, you have succeeded in how to see the Mobile Legends (ML) credit score. Easy right?

In addition, previously you could find this credit score feature by simply clicking on your Mobile Legends account information, but in the latest update you can only find it on the Battlefields menu.

Mobile Legends Credit Score Function

Previously, the Credit Score had a function to punish some players who performed AFK, but getting here, Moonton provides another new function in Mobile Legends.

When you have a credit score above 100 you will have various advantages because you can get BP every week as much as 8000 BP, then for the acquisition itself as much as 5%.

Now if you have a credit score of 110, then you can get 8500 BP every week and can get as much as 10% in every match. Pretty interesting, right? So maximize your credit score to get many benefits in Mobile Legends.

We ourselves have also discussed how to add your mobile legends credit score. Of course with this it is very easy for you to increase your credit score well.

That’s all the latest reviews on how to see Mobile Legends credit scores easily and quickly. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful for those of you who are currently confused enough to check the credit score. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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