How to Register for Free Fire Indonesia Master Fall 2020

How to register for Free Fire Indonesia Master Fall 2020, which is coming soon, you must know. Of course this is part of the best event, which is one of the tournaments that can be said to be huge. FFIM, which is being presented right now, has indeed become one of the things that we should not miss later.

For now, the development of the Free Fire game is indeed good and can make all of you excited. Because there are many interesting things, so we can feel it later. Especially now, you will be attending a big Tournament again. Where for the registration period only, now it has been opened to the public by Garena.

So of course all of you shouldn’t miss this, because surely this event is a search for the next generation of pro players. If you don’t know how to register, maybe below you can immediately understand it later. Are you curious about how to register for the FFIM tournament? see directly in the article below.

How to Register Free Fire Indonesia Master Fall 2020

So that you can register for this event, the method is still the same and of course you can do it right now. You must be able to use the FFC feature in this Free Fire game. Later you will get 8 tickets, so we will use these tickets on the day of the match.

Later, there are only 5 teams selected from the team calculation that are entitled to advance to the next round as well. Of course the tournament is open to the public, so you can also participate. As long as you do the registration first, then you can immediately participate in the tournament that is currently being presented.

The following is some information, for registration you have to do later. Immediately, just see, below.

There are several important things that you must pay attention to before you can register. This Terms and Conditions has become one of the things, where it emerged from Garena’s side. You basically can’t miss this, because that condition is very important.

The first thing you have to do is enter the Indonesian master menu section. Then later you will be faced with 2 choices, between FFC or FFIM. You just choose, in the FFIM section.

Second, don’t forget the conditions, you must be Rank Diamond or Platinum 4 to be able to register.

The three of you will have to be able to make a team, to be included in the tournament. So try this section, you and your friends who already know. Because it will make you easier for this tournament in the future.

This registration has been open from September 1 and will end on September 6, 2020. So you shouldn’t miss this, because the registration is certainly very short. Then for the ticket, you can get it when the match day has started. You will use 6 Tickets, to make 1 match in the tournament.

There are indeed many tournaments that are presented in the Free Fire game and are certainly very cool. Of course you shouldn’t forget about that, because this Tournament is looking for an ordinary player who could become one of the Pro Players of this Free Fire game in the future.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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