How to Quickly ML Build Combo Dragon Altar Magic Chess Mobile Legends

To build a Dragon Altar combo, you must have at least 3 heroes with the Dragon Altar Magic Chess Mobile Legends faction. But how to quickly and effectively build the Combo Dragon Altar Magic Chess in Mobile Legends? Here are the tips.

Dragon Altar is one of the best Combos in the Magic Chess game. The Dragon Altar combo allows you to get 12% Attack Speed ​​and Shield every time a team hero is eliminated. That way, the fewer heroes that are left, the faster the Faction’s attack will likely be.

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How to Quickly Build Combo Dragon Altar Magic Chess Mobile Legends

Currently, Combo Dragon Altar is often used in Magic Chess games. Now for those of you who don’t understand how to use this one Combo, here’s how to quickly build a Dragon Altar Combo.

Choose the Best Dragon Altar Combo

Before you compile the Dragon Altar combo, first make sure what Faction or Role you want to combine. We have recommendations here.

We suggest using Synergy Guardian, Targeman or Weapon Master, yes, because this one combo is a damage attack, you need Synergy with strong defensive abilities.

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Choose 3 Heroes With Dragon Altar Faction That Often Appears

Next, buy a hero with the Dragon Altar faction that often appears in recommendations.

Some of the heroes that we recommend include buying Zilong, Chang’e, Akai, first, these three heroes often appear and are easy to get.

Then, if possible, you can take advantage of the other Dragon Altar emblems, don’t just focus on heroes. It could also be when fighting the jungle or the final prize at the end of the round. That way, you can use this Combo without having 6 heroes. You can add the rest of the board slots to other synergies.

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Must Use Hero Wanwan & Ling

In the Dragon Altar Synergy Combo, the things you must have the most are Wanwan and Ling. Our line up recommendations include, Akai, Zilong, Chang’e, Wanwan, and lastly Ling + (You can get one more from the Emblem).

Wanwan served as the executor with Ultimate abilities without stopping when the Dragon Altar Synergy Combo was finished, then Ling was the strongest hero to kill many enemies at once.

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Lastly, arrange the line up separately

Setting the Line Up is quite important to do so that you can win easily when playing Magic Chess.

Now in Combo Dragon Altar, you can arrange Line up separately or it can be zig zag. This is so that your line-up escapes the enemy’s counter attacks.

Some Dragon Altar counters are usually Mage x Northen Vale synergy combos, Assassin Combi Synergy or Summoner Synergy. Yep, these three combos often counter the Dragon Altar synergy, so set your best Line Up.

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