How to Pro Play Hero Brody in Mobile Legends (ML)

Brody is one of the newest heroes released by Moonton. Having a role marksman, Bloody has the advantage of playing with fast gameplay. For those of you who can’t wait for Brody’s hero, the following tips for playing Brody’s hero can be the right review before you play Brody in Mobile Legends.

The new marksman hybrid assassin hero in Mobile Legends. Brody has various advantages that you can get. This one hero has a very fast gameplay, with stackable damage. Brody will be very deadly if you know tips on playing Brody in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide playing tips to use the new hero marksman Brody in the Mobile Legends game. Now for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers, see the following full review!

Tips for Playing Hero Brody in Mobile Legends (ML)

There are several ways to play the Brody hero in the Mobile Legends game. By using the following tips, it is hoped that you will immediately become good at playing Brody after this one hero can be played. The tips for playing Brody are as follows.

Use Ultimate When Stack Is Full

Tips for playing the first Brody hero, you can apply tips to attack your opponent. In order to get high damage, you have to wait for the full stack and then attack your opponent. To get a stack on Brody hero is very easy. The trick itself is to attack your opponent using basic attacks or Brody’s skills, after the full stack, use Ultimate and your damage will be even higher.

Use the Assassin Emblem & Build Critical

Brody is not a marksman who relies on attack speed like Miya or Layla. In order to be used properly, you can use a build that has a high critical effect. You can use Berseker Fury, Endless Battle, Blade of The Heptaseas and Scarlet Phantom to increase Brody’s damage. That way you can maximize the ultimate skill it has. Not only that, use the assassin emblem so that Brody has higher damage.

Keep Distance From Hero Debuff

Next, always keep your distance from hero debuff attacks that have a stun or locking effect. Some of the heroes that you should avoid are Saber, Franco to Ruby who can make it difficult for you to play. Playing at a distance is one of the right ways to play Brody.

Precise Positioning

Not only keeping your distance, the right way to play Brody is by placing the best position. Some of the right positions include ambush, behind the tank hero and at the opponent’s blind spot so that Brody can deliver unexpected attacks.

Play Hyper Carry or Offlaner (Gold Lane)

As a marksman hero, the best way to play Brody is at Gold Lane. However, with the current brody gameplay, this hero can also be played as a hyper carry. You can use retribution if it is Hyper Carry or Flicker if you play on Gold Lane.

So, those are some tips for playing marksman ‘s new hero named Brody in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful especially for those of you who are players who are waiting for Brody’s hero in Mobile Legends.

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