How to Pro Aurora, Build ML Items, and Gameplay in Mobile Legends

The most popular game, Mobile Legends always presents various uniqueness to each hero, from controlling fire, water, wind to lightning elements, there are also the most deadly ice elements like Aurora. Now to increase the attack, you can use the Aurora Mobile Legends Build Item which we will explain below

Aurora is one of the elemental mage heroes who can control ice. This one hero greatly increases his passive skill which can freeze enemies with a large enough area. Aurora is one of the heroes that you can rely on when the teamfight takes place.

In addition, Aurota itself is a hero support-initiator. This is because the ult can freeze opponents during the game. The players who are dealing with Aurora have to withstand several movements until this hero issues her ult, so that she can attack her.

This time, we will discuss how to increase the attack and mobility of the aurora as the best elemental mage in mobile legends. Through, several recommendations for build items that hurt aurora until the gameplay on mobile legends.

As a CC mage, Aurora also has great damage. He is very deadly in teamfight thanks to this factor. Of course, it is often the first choice in mage CC.

Aurora Mobile Legends Painful Item Build

This time a row of build items and Aurorsa complete pain with gameplay in Mobile Legends. Now for those who are curious about the build items and tips, here are our build recommendations for the Aurora hero in Mobile Legends.

Arcane Boots

The first time you can use Arcane Boots which is an item that can increase roaming speed in Mobile Legends. Arcane Boots can increase +40 Movement Speed ​​and +15 Magical Damage to increase damage in the early game.

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Clock of Destiny

Next is the Clock of Destinny item which is the best item you can use for Aurora during the early game. This one item can provide damage that can increase with increasing levels.

Its initial damage includes +60 Magic Power, +615 HP, and +600 Mana which can be stacked up to 10x every 30 seconds.

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Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon is one of the best items with great damage in the early game. This item provides a Magic Damage attack effect that can bounce by adding several damage attributes such as +70 Magic Damage +700 Mana and +10 Cooldown Reduction with a very unique attack effect.

Glowing Wand

Next there is the Glowing Wand which is an item with a burn attack effect on the enemy. This attack lasts 3 seconds, dealing 1% of the target’s max HP as magic damage per second.

In addition, the Glowing Wand provides attributes such as 75% Magic Power, 400% HP and + 5% Movement Speed ​​for Aurora.

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Holy Crystal

Getting sick with the Holy Crystal when it is nearing the late game. This item is able to provide a large attack which is around +100 Magic Power which can increase Magic Attack by 21% – 35% which can increase with level.

Holy Crystal can be useful when a team fight with attack abilities that are not inferior to Bloods Wings which can make enemies freeze and provide the highest dealer damage.


Finally, you can use Immortality as Aurora’s main defense item. This item can provide +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense, but what is taken from this item is its Ressurect ability which can bring Aurora back to life after being defeated.

This item has a passive skill to resurect for 2 seconds and provides 15% Hp and a shield that can absorb 300 – 1000 damage that is scalable with the hero. The shield will last up to 3 seconds.

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Aurora Mobile Legends gameplay

As a mage hero, of course, Aurora has the best potential to bring the team to victory, this hero is one of the best games with current Crowd Control capabilities. It has a passive that can freeze enemies with a wide range of skills very quickly.

Aurora can be your choice of hero mage when playing in a ranked match. Therefore, apart from using the build items above, you also need to know the best way to play Aurora in the following Mobile Legends.

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Tips for Playing Aurora in Mobile Legends

Ganking in the Early Game

Auora is very suitable as a roamer hero with pretty good ganking skills. With as little crowd control as it has, Aurora has the ability to stop enemies well.

In the early game, Aurora can play as support by following other tank or hero carry, then, you roam all lanes and initiate attacks on enemies using Aurora’s passive skill. That way, the enemy will freeze and not follow when attacked by your team.

As the Best Damage Dealer

Aurora has a very painful area attack, this one hero is very suitable for teamfight, Aurora can provide a very fatal attack with her ability as the best damage dealer in Mobile Legends.

To launch an attack, you can use Auorora’s passive skill first then continue the attack using its ultimate skill that can drop large ice meteors to attack your opponent once.

Aurora ML Best Skill Combo

Next, you can use Auora’s best Combo Skill when doing ganking or team fighting. First, make sure the bar below your HP has reached the max, which means that the next skill will give you a passive skill attack that can freeze the enemy area.

Then, use skill 2 to stop the enemy and then release skill 2 along with the passive skill, then the enemy will freeze with the targeted attack direction. As a final attack, you can launch the ultimate with high damage. This combo skill can even defeat the third enemy core hero.

Hero Combo That Matches Aurora

Next, there are several heroes that are suitable for hero combos. Some of them are Tank heroes like Johnson or Tigreal. Johnson can invite Aurora to gank on the enemy then, if Johnson hits the target, Aurora can launch a combo skill and attack the enemy significantly.

Then, Aurora can also do a super strong Combo with Tigreal. Tigreal can be tasked with gathering enemies and stopping their movements, and then the next attack will be carried out by Aurora, that way, a group of enemies will immediately lose.

Now that’s all the painful build line of tips and gameplay for the Aurora hero who is a mage hero who can control ice in Mobile Legends. Have a nice play.

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