How to Play the Best Jawhead Fighter in Mobile Legends

Jawhead is one of the strongest fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. He is a robot that is piloted by a small child inside. This hero requires a lot of knowledge and adjustments in playing it.

The advantage itself lies in strong passive skills and high mobility. In addition, he also has a multi-functional Crowd Control skill and can be used as a mobile legends tank. Jawhead is very dependent on the team and is a difficult hero to use.

Jawhead Skill Set in Mobile Legends

Passive Skill: Mecha Suppression

When Jawhead deals damage to an enemy, it will release a compression layer that lasts 3 seconds with a maximum of 10 stacks. Each stack can increase basic attack by 8%.

Skill 1: Smart Missile

Jawhead will enter a missile ready mode for 5 seconds. The missile will be fired randomly up to 12 times. Each missile attack will result in physical damage.

Skill 2: Ejector

Jawhead will activate the Ejector and throw the team or enemy in the specified direction. When using this skill, he will get shiled and movement speed.

Ultimate: Unstoppable Force

Jawhead will lock one enemy within its range, it will charge towards the enemy and give a stun effect to give physical damage.

When the enemy is hit by this attack, it will bounce off and when the bounce hits the enemy, it will take damage.

Battle Spell and Emblem Set Jawhead

Jawhead usually uses Spell Flicker or Sprint to increase his survival when chasing enemies or team fights.

As for the emblem itself, you can use the Custom Fighter Emblem with the Disabling Strike talent. In addition, another alternative is to use the Common Physical Emblem with the Open Fire talent.

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Jawhead’s Best Build Item

The two builds above are recommended items for playing Jawhead. The first build is devoted to making Jawhead a burst dmaage. That way jawhead will have a high attack.

Meanwhile, you can use the second one when playing as an offliner. This build can help you to farm, push and clear waves quickly.

How to Play Jawhead Mobile Legends

Jawhead usually plays as an Offliner on the Top lane or Bottom Lane, Jawhead is a very annoying hero with skills that can throw teams or enemies.

How to play Jawhead is tricky. You must be able to combine ultimate skills to chase enemies, then skill 2 to throw them and end with missile attacks.

When playing jawhead, you must pay attention to good timing and positioning. With Jawhead’s main ability to isolate enemies and deal high damage for 5 seconds, this is one of the advantages of this one hero.

The most important tips when playing jawhead are playing in duos or together to do ganking, you can start the initiation by launching the ultimate attack coupled with skill 2 that can throw enemies at your team hordes. That way the enemy who is the target will definitely die.

Jawhead is indeed a fighter hero with very good isolation. Play jawhead in the best possible way and win the game.

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