How to Play Teamfight Tactics: A Champion That Is Suitable For Beginners

Teamfight Tactics is coming soon, along with champion Qiyana. The popularity of Teamfight Tactics on the Twitch streaming service today cannot be beat by other games. Around 200,000 people use the streaming service to watch this new game mode from League Of Legends. Then when playing Teamfight Tactics, you will be presented with the champion that you will play. So, this is the way to play Teamfight Tactics that you can use

During entering PBE, nothing is clear about the metagame of this teamfight tactics game mode. Maybe some of the things we will discuss about champions that are easy to use for beginners are useful for you.

How to Play Teamfight Tactics: A Champion That Is Suitable For Beginners

The first is to try it with Champions Noble.

how to play Teamfight Tactics

Noble is a champion who has a decent buff, which when you play with a Noble champion you will find additional buffs +100 Armor and 35 health per attack. With such a large buff on Armor, this Noble champion is a bit hard to beat

Just imagine, if later when playing Noble which has a lot of armor buff and adds 35 health per attack combined with strong DPS-DPS. Moreover, if you add the Morellonomicon item, it will make a strong composition for you.

The second one is try to play with Assassins-type champions

Maybe when playing a game mode that is usually in League Of Legends with a team composition consisting of Assassins-type Champions, it is very detrimental for your game.

However, in our opinion, on the contrary, in this Teamfight Tactics game mode when you use a lot of assassin types it will benefit you, because in this game mode it depends on the damage you give to your opponent.

However, it is certain that this cannot be used over and over again. Supposedly, when you enter champion assasins you also have to combine with a tank. This is so that it is not too weak if it is attacked by an opponent. You can use these tips by using multiple tanks and slowly you can raise your assassin-type champion.

how to play Teamfight Tactics

Glacial Energy.

In this new game mode in LoL, there is a new buff in Nerf because according to Riot this is very strong. Even though it was nerfed, this Glacial Energy was still strong. If you already have six Glacial Champions, you will have a 40 percent chance to stun your target for two seconds. Combining it with several other skills will make you invincible.

Glacial is very flexible and of course very strong. For example, you using Champion Ashe to do very strong damage. He can shoot arrows very quickly. Then, if there is glacial energy in the form of passive stun, it makes him very invincible. You can also use the champion ranger to add attack speed so that it increases your chances of getting stunned quickly.

You can also use Varus as a long-range shooter. However, it’s better to use Kindred. Because if you put it in a team, the ultimate can be useful for protecting other champions.

That’s how to play Teamfight Tactics Teamfight Tactics this time. Some things that must be considered in playing the Teamfight tactics game mode in a way know every ability of a champion so that you will make a good team composition. this game mode does not rely on your skills when playing other LoL game modes! Good luck.

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