How to Overcome Force Close Call of Duty Mobile (COD)

The popularity of Call of Duty Mobile is no less than other Battle Royale games such as PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. The game that has the Battle Royal gameplay is successful in Indonesia. This time there is a Way to Overcome Force Close Call of Duty Mobile (COD) that you can do.

Until now, around 50 million people have downloaded and played Call of Duty Mobile. Indeed, when it comes to graphics, Call of Duty is indeed better than Free Fire and almost the same as PUBG Mobile.

However, games or applications are not likely to be separated from existing errors and bugs. This is indeed very natural that can happen on your Smartphone.

So at this time maybe you are one of the people who are experiencing this problem. When playing Call of Duty Mobile and suddenly experience a bug, lag or force Close or exit by yourself.

Of course this is very fatal. When playing, you will definitely lose or be called AFK so you can’t finish the match.

Not only you, there are many other people who have experienced the same thing. Therefore, we will provide a way to overcome force close as follows.

How to Overcome Force Close in Call of Duty Mobile (COD)

So here is the easiest way to deal with Force Close. Here are the steps you can take.

Routinely Clean RAM and Junk Files

The second cause is usually influenced because indeed your smartphone has limited space, both RAM and memory.

The more memory used, the more frequent force closes occur.

Now the best solution is to clean up the ram regularly and set aside most of the storage memory so that when playing you don’t experience force close problems.

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Clear Call of Duty Game Cache

The next way is to clear the cache in the game application on Call of Duty. because the more cache in Call of Duty Mobile, the slower the application will be.

The best way is to delete it regularly, either on every update, or every week or month.

Now the method is quite easy, you only need to check the Apps Info on your Call of Duty game and then Clear the Cache.

How to Overcome Force Close COD Mobile With Call of Duty Game Updates (If Available)

The last way is to update the game. Game updates are presented to solve bugs in the game. For example, to solve the problem of Force Close, Lag and also a bug.

Now the method is very easy, all you have to do is open the App Store, and then check for available updates. Then select Call of Duty Mobile and Click Update.

Wait until the Update Process is complete and then clear the cache in the game and play as usual.

So that’s How to Overcome Force Close Call of Duty Mobile (COD). If all the methods above still don’t work. The last way is to replace your smartphone. It could be a smartphone that has been left behind and you need to upgrade. Well, hopefully this is useful and happy playing.

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