How to Open Locked Android Gallery Easily

Have you ever encountered a friend or boyfriend gallery application in a locked state? In this post I want to share information on how to easily open a locked Android gallery.

To protect privacy and security on their Android phones, some people lock applications that they feel are important so that they are not easily opened by others. One of the popular ones is using an app locker. This app locker itself will lock applications including the gallery with a pattern, password, fingerprint, etc. before being able to enter it, of course we don’t know how to open it if we don’t ask the owner of the phone, right?

Especially when we borrow a girlfriend’s cellphone, even though the gallery is intentionally locked, of course we are made to want to know and want to see what’s in it. There’s no need to force him to tell us what the example or password is, we can silently watch photos and videos without him knowing just by using his chrome browser. Just follow the guide below.

How to Easily Open a Locked Android Gallery

1. First you open google chrome on the android phone.

2. Copy or type the word below in the address bar, press enter


How to Easily Open Locked Android Gallery How to Easily Open Locked Android Gallery

3. After that you will be directed to the folder page. Here you can access all data including photos and videos in the locked gallery earlier. Please find the folder DCIM and open it to see the photos and videos.

How to Easily Open Locked Android Gallery How to Easily Open Locked Android Gallery

4. Done.

Now you are able to see the contents in the locked gallery through the trick above. That’s how to open a locked Android gallery with ease. May be useful!

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