How to make heroes in Mobile Legends strong (ML)

Want to know how to make heroes in Mobile Legends strong? As you know, Mobile Legends has many heroes that you can play, each hero has unique and different skills that you can use. Esportsku has several ways to make the heroes in Mobile Legends strong. The following method will enable you to master the hero easily with optimized basic abilities.

When playing Mobile Legends, you are required to be able to make a hero to make it stronger when played. You can increase the strength of the hero along with the game. But before that, you can maximize it before the match starts.

Here are some ways to make the heroes in Mobile Legends strong that you can apply before entering the game in Mobile Legends. Check out the full review!

Increase Emblem Up To Max

The first way to make the heroes in Mobile Legends strong is to increase the emblem to the max. As you know, Emblem is a basic attribute that can help maximize a hero.

By using the max emblem, you will have a large amount of basic damage even without using an item. This can help ease the nature of the farming or other processes.

Set Each Hero’s Build

Next is managing the builds for each hero you have. Make sure when you buy a hero to set up the right build so it’s easy to play.

Each hero has their own build. To make it easier to organize, you can take advantage of the features available by copying the builds from the pro players or top players in Mobile Legends.

Use Skin to Add Attributes

Skins in Mobile Legends have different attributes. Using the skin alone can increase your attributes by about a few points. This will make your hero strong in the early game armpits because he gets an additional buff.

For example, for a tank hero skin, you will get physical defense, for core heroes like marksman, fighter and assassin, you will get additional physical attacks and for mage and support heroes you will get additional Magic Damage.

Use Battle Spell As Needed

Battle Spell is a feature that can increase your fighting ability. You can choose a battle spell according to your needs. This can help you later in the match.

For example, when your opponent has many CC heroes, you can use purify, if your hero doesn’t have escape skills you can use flicker, so that if your hero is a marksman, you can use inspire to increase attack speed, and many others.

That’s all the way to make heroes in Mobile Legends strong. Use some of the tips above so you can make your favorite hero turn off when you play. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful, see you later. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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