How to Make a Nickname Disappear When Kill Free Fire (FF)

You can try how to make FF nicknames disappear when you kill in Free Fire. Of course this nickname that you have, will indeed be lost and will not be seen by the enemy when you kill the enemy later.

Things that are not really important in the Free Fire game, indeed this can still have one big advantage. So pay attention to it later, don’t miss the benefits you can get.

Not only that, we can also find out that for example the February 2021 Free Fire Event Calendar gives lots of prizes which are quite interesting, huh. Of course we really shouldn’t miss all the new updates like this.

Moreover, from all that, you will not feel that there are no new interesting event updates. As we know from the Free Fire x One Punch Man Event, all those present were quite cool.

But now we can know how to make FF nicknames disappear when you kill in Free Fire. That way, the enemy will not know that you are the killer in the game. Listen directly to the explanation, below.

How to make FF nicknames disappear when you kill in Free Fire

Here’s How to Make a Nickname Disappear When Kill Free Fire (FF):

  1. The most important thing is that we have to be able to prepare your newest Nick first, so that later it can be used properly. You can make it first in Note or other things too.
  2. If you have made the nickname, then just press Enter and put the number 9 on the nickname too.
  3. After that, you just have to copy the Nick, so you can use it in the game later.
  4. Login to the Free Fire game
  5. Enter and just change the name, using the nickname that was previously created.
  6. After that you can immediately save and see the results in the match later.

About the nickname FF

Nickname is an important sign when we play the game Free Fire. Where it will show, if your identity is visible, yes, from the nickname in the Free Fire game for the future.

Then from here too, you might be interested in one of the 1000 Cool FF Names to try later. But you might be curious too, where this Free Fire Nickname can disappear when you kill the enemy.

Of course in that way, the players will also feel confused about why something like this can happen. Because in that way too, they will not know who will dominate the Free Fire game.

Well, this method is really good enough, you really won’t be able to miss it too. So that your enemy won’t catch your nickname, when you compete in the Free Fire game.

By knowing this method, those of you who have quite a lot of nickname replacements can try it right now.

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By knowing how to make an FF nickname disappear when you kill in Free Fire, maybe you are curious about something like that. Of course with all of this, you shouldn’t miss all of it later.

What’s more, we know that right now there is an easy way to become a Free Fire Pro Player. Follow this method, then you won’t be able to match it when you compete later.

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