How to Maintain PUBG Mobile Ranking So as not to Drop, Anti Too soon!

PUBG Mobile provides many ratings that can be achieved to measure the level of expertise of its players in playing the pubg mobile game. If you pay attention, there must be many players who have the number of matches that have been played, but their ranks are not higher than you.

Why does this happen? Usually this is influenced by the number of matches they failed to complete before the system added points for them. When they play under the terms of adding points, the ranking points will be reduced.

Points that continue to decrease will only increase the number of matches without adding points. The large number of matches does not necessarily have a good ranking.

Then how do you maintain the ranking so it doesn’t decrease? Check out the explanation below!

How to Not Get Down the PUBG Mobile Ranking

Play with Known Players


If you want to make sure your ranking remains safe, play together with players you already know. Playing with known players must have a strategy or gameplay that suits your playing style.

Appropriate gameplay will make it easier for you to maintain your ranking because you no longer need to adjust how you play with other players.

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Get off at a Safe Location


When you want to maintain ranking, then get off at a safe location or away from the plane line to avoid early fights in the early minutes.

When you force yourself to fight in the early minutes, you are worried that you will be eliminated at the beginning of the game and get minus points.

Avoiding combat in the first place is not wrong or even cowardly. The goal of the battle royale game is to survive until the late game. The battle at the beginning of the game without proper preparation will actually make the lives of you and your teammates wasted. Therefore, choosing a quiet location to land is the right first step to defend yourself.

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Harvest Bot


To multiply the added points, look for bots and collect them in the number of your kills points. The more kills, the more the number of points will increase.

However, this has no effect when you are killed early in the game. So, the most important thing is to keep yourself safe until there are around 30 players left.

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Staying Away From War

When you hear of war, stay away from it. Unless you really believe you can solve it. The most dangerous thing is when you approach wars that are outside the zone.

Besides being able to drain your blood, this will make it easier for the enemy to finish off you from inside the zone. So, avoid warfare, especially those outside the zone.

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand how to maintain rankings, because maintaining rankings is not as easy as increasing rankings, you know!

Thank you for listening!


I liked playing PUBG Mobile from the early season when there was no RP, but it’s still 11 12 with bots until now hehe

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