How to Know the Tier One of the Mobile Legends (ML) Team

How to find out the tier one Mobile Legends team through the border we will easily discuss here for you. Knowing the border tier in Mobile Legends will, of course, make it easy for you to know the tier of the players who are on the same team with us when loading the screen before entering the match.

This method is commonly used by most players in Mobile Legends. Each tier in Mobile Legends, from warrior to mythical glory, is of course different both in shape and color. You no longer need to bother checking manually by visiting the profiles of your teammates, you only need to know the border, you can easily find out the tier of the player.

On this occasion, we will provide an explanation of how to easily find the tier one Mobile Legends team through the border. For those of you who are curious and want to know how, let’s just look at the explanation MY ESPORTS below properly and correctly yes!

Warrior – Dark Brown Border

When you meet a player with a dark brown border, it is certain that it is a player with a warrior tier. The borders are still plain and familiar to you because when you first started playing tier you were a warrior.

Elite – Border In Gray

When on the loading screen before the match starts, you see a plain gray border and it seems difficult, it indicates that the player is an elite tier. Elite is achieved after passing the warrior tier in Mobile Legends.

Master – Bronze Color Border

When you reach the tier master, of course, the border will be on the loading screen before entering the bronze match which is a little shiny. Remember that the border on this master tier is still a plain bronze border with no decorations.

Grand Master – Silver Border

When you load the screen, you see that there is a player whose border color is still silver, which means that the player is still in the grand master tier. The grandmaster tier itself is achieved after passing through the master tier in Mobile Legends. The border is still plain silver without any decorations.

Epic – Green Border

When you meet a player who has a green border on the loading screen before entering the match, it is a sign that you are meeting an epic player on your team.

Legend – Gold in color

Players who have reached the legend tier have a gold border with decorative patterns on the upper right and lower left corners. Of course, this border is easy for you to understand because it is quite familiar.

Mythic – Light Gold Color

The border loading screen of players who have reached the Mythic tier will be bright gold which has a pattern on the edge of the border. In addition, there is a special marker that becomes the center of attention, namely a shape like a pink crystal in the middle of the border. If you reach the mythical glory point 2000+ tier then there will be additional animation on your border.

Now that’s an explanation of how to find out the tier one of the Mobile Legends team through the border that we have explained. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for you! That is all and thank you!

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