How to Increase Evo Level in PUBG Mobile

Apart from the Classic battle royale mode, PUBG Mobile also provides other game modes such as Evoground mode which provides several types of games. This mode provides a play style that is fun and different from the Classic mode. In addition, this mode also has its own rules, such as the Evo Level. This time we will provide information about how to increase Evo Level in PUBG Mobile in the following article.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game known for its complex gameplay. In Classic battle royale mode, PUBG Mobile provides five maps, each of which has its own complexity and characteristics.

Apart from Classic mode, PUBG Mobile also provides other game modes. For example, those who recently got the latest version, namely Payload 2.0 mode. In this mode, players can play barbaric using the various advanced and deadly features provided.

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Get to know PUBG Mobile Evoground Mode


PUBG Mobile provides several game modes. The main thing, of course, is the Classic battle royale mode where players can play with the typical rules of battle royale gameplay. In Classic mode there is a rank system where players can get a tier according to what Classic game mode they are playing. Like solo mode, duo mode, and squad mode.

In addition, PUBG Mobile provides other game modes that are different from Classic mode. For example, there is an Arcade mode and an Evoground mode. Now in Evoground mode, the term Evo Level is known.

In Evoground mode, there are several types of games that players can choose to play. For example, the Payload 2.0 mode, which was recently updated, brings a variety of powerful new features to facilitate a barbaric style of play.

In addition there is also a Zombie mode where players have to deal with zombies. Furthermore, there is also a Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode. In this mode, players will fight between teams in a narrower arena. This makes the game presented here quite challenging.

How to Increase Evo Level in PUBG Mobile

Returning to the point of discussion, in Evoground mode, its own rules apply. Including the question of the Evo Level in the game. Evo Level is useful for opening (unlock) loot weapon items to play in TDM mode for example.

Therefore, a high Evo Level will make players have more weapon options. That is because each weapon has its own requirements about how many Evo Levels must be achieved to be able to get a weapon.

The way to increase Evo Level is by playing continuously in PUBG Mobile Evoground mode. You can try three types of Evoground as previously mentioned, namely Payload 2.0 mode, Zombie mode, and TDM mode.

To increase your Evo Level faster, you can play the maximum in each Evoground match mode. For example, getting more kills, killing more zombies, and winning matches.

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Those are tips on how to increase Evo Level in PUBG Mobile. Login now and try playing in the fun Evoground mode. Thank you!

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