How to Have Many Bot in Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire is a battle royale shooting game that is really popular around the world. This game has millions of active players worldwide, so you might as well try to play this game now. In Free Fire, there are many features that you can try to use in order to help you win the game. The game is a last man standing game, where the winner is the last person to be alive in every match. In every match, there has to be a bot that is useful to make the room full. Because most of the time, the amount of players don’t reach the full capacity of the room. So here we have some tips to have many bots in Free Fire.

How to Have Many Bot in Free Fire (FF)

Bot is one of the things that we will meet in every match. If you’re in a Free Fire game, the bot in the match is not as deadly as real players as your opponent in the game. Because as we might already know it, the bot movement and decision is automated by a computer, which is why we call it bot. So if you find one, it should be easy for you to kill a bot.

If you’re killing many bots, the kill will count the same like you’re killing a real person as your enemy. Which is why killing bot in Free Fire can be useful for you to increase your kill death ratio in Free Fire. There are some ways to make your game filled with many bots in every match. This trick can be useful for you if you want to accomplish a mission, that requires a certain amount of kills.

Try this now!

The trick is quite simple for you to try. You can try this now so that you can complete your mission way easier without having so much effort to kill real enemies in the game.

Here’s the trick to have many bots in every match that you are playing:

  1. Play solo but in squad mode, and make sure that you’re playing with random squad.
  2. Don’t forget to activate auto match
  3. The longer the matchmaking, the more bot will be in the match
  4. Choose Bermuda map
  5. Playing solo squad is available to do, but make sure to choose random squad in squad mode

If the matchmaking is quite fast, it means that the room has many players in it with less bot. However, if the matchmaking takes longer than expected, then you will have many bots in the match later on.

And that’s some tips on how to have many bots in Free Fire. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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