How to get the Tiger FF Bundle on the Free Fire Web Event

We have the Tiger FF Bundle on the Loot Crate Free Fire web event, which is one of the things that is interesting enough for us to try. Where in this event we can get new and old bundles very easily. But try for all current players, take part in the events that are being presented right now.

Of course, the benefits of getting prizes in current events will be even easier than before. Because in the past, when you joined the event, you had to have a lot of total Diamonds. But now Free Fire Free Top Up Tips can still be done to take part in events that are still present right now in the game.

But what about the latest and present event? maybe you are also very interested in being able to follow it right? Immediately, see the explanation, in the article below right now.

Tiger Bundle on the Loot Crate Free Fire Web Event

YN / kulgar

This latest event is quite unique, where you can get one or five of the grand prize bundles. So later the system in this event is that we determine the price, then open a Loot Crate that is inside. After opening this, the outgoing prizes are random prizes that will be obtained later too.

The main prizes presented in this latest event are indeed old and new Bundles. For the Old Bundle there are only 4 pieces and only 1 new one then it is in the middle. You can get the Tiger-shaped Bundle from just this event. So when this event ends, it will go straight into the limited prize pool.

YN / kulgar

To follow and play in this latest event, this method is quite easy. You will then determine the percentage first to be able to get this Tiger bundle. Now every percentage that is added later, will show the one-time open price of the Loot Crate in this event. So when the percentage gets 100% main prize, it will take 500 DM.

But for Kulgar himself he only used a percentage of 80% or 400 Diamonds to get the main prize. It has been proven successful and it does work, only 80% chance will be bigger too. You can save on Diamond expenses later, if you play here the percentage is very small later.

Even though we have a small chance of getting this Grand Prize, it does become even lower. After all the prizes have been obtained, then we will not be able to participate in this event again. With this cool Tiger bundle, it becomes one of the most useful things to use when playing later.

In the past, my Esports also discussed the Free Fire Tiger Human Bundle that was present at the current event. In the past, it was not known where we could get it, but now it’s clear and you should be able to get this bundle.

You can also read the Leaks of the latest Halloween Free Fire Event, where from this event we will get lots of other cool prizes too. Of all those present today, this is indeed one of the most unique and interesting things for players to experience. So use all of these opportunities, play and try other unique things in the Free Fire game.

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