How to Get the Latest Ragnarok x Free Fire 2020 Bundle?

There is a way to get the latest FF Ragnarok x Free Fire Bundle that you must know. As you know, in this Free Fire game, there are already various interesting types of bundles to get. Of course, each of these Bundles will make you even more confident, and allow you to beautify your character by using the Bundle. Even so, Bundles have a variety of prices that vary. Some are expensive and some are cheap, of course all these bundles are attractive to get.

In this game, you will be provided with various ways to get these cool bundles, of course all of this is different. You can buy the Bundle from within the Shop, using the Diamond Royale Feature or the Elite Pass feature. Each of these methods, must have a different price.

If you buy directly through the shop, the prices are automatically available. The cheapest Garena Free Fire bundle is usually around 150 Diamonds, but the expensive ones and the levels are quite high, ranging from 1500 and above. But take it easy, you have nothing to lose when buying these bundles.

Because there are not a few, the bundles provided in the shop have different levels of popularity. Apart from going through the Shop, there are also other ways to get a Bundle.

This method is through a Mystery Royale, where you will get discounts and various kinds of items at low prices in this feature. Apart from that, you can also buy bundles which are used as the main prize.

So recently, there have been several new leaks regarding the bundle that will be coming to the Mystery Shop.

Therefore we will provide some explanations and leaks to you.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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How to Get the Latest Ragnarok x Free Fire FF Bundle

As we know, the Mystery Shop will usually present a main prize in the form of a bundle with a very large discount. In fact, you can also replace this grand prize with a female bundle or vice versa, if you do have 2 bundle options.

How to get the Latest FF Ragnarok x Free Fire Bundle with this Mystery Shop, you will use 10 Diamonds to replace the discount. You then change the regular gifts and change the main prize from male to female.

But besides that, to open the FF Ragnarok x Free Fire Bundle Prize, you have to fill in Diamonds to reach the required target. For example, it takes 50 Diamonds, then fill up to 50 diamonds to open the bundle and it can be purchased at last

Mystery Shop 8.0 Free Fire

Now the surprising thing is, it turns out that the Bundle that will be coming soon in Free Fire’s newest Mystery Shop is the Ragnarok FF bundle. There used to be rumors that this Bundle would be available on a limited basis in the new Royale or Diamond Royale.

But it turns out that this will be present in the next latest Mystery Shop 8.0, but it is only natural that this Bundle is present in there. Usually too, rare and cool Bundles will be present in the feature.

Garena and Gravity have collaborated, where Garena will present the Ragnarok bundle on limited opportunities. So for those of you who are curious a bit, here is a preview of the bundle for boys and girls.



How? Interested in getting both of these bundles?

Now that’s the information we can convey on this occasion, the point is that you can’t miss it. You see, this event will only take place once.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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