How to get the FF King Boxer Free Fire Bundle

Know to know How to Get the King Boxer Free Fire Bundle, this will be one of the Bundles that will be presented next. So of course all of us, can’t forget to try all of that. Because of the leak and knowing how, surely you players in this game will have no trouble competing in the game.

For now, it’s the Free Fire game, there have been many new things and cool events for you to experience too. So what we have right now is the Booyah Day Free Fire Event, where in that case we can get lots of other cool prizes too. Of course with you guys, you can’t miss all of these things.

Especially for some of the newest things in the future too, of course it will be a good thing so we can feel it later. Intrigued by this leak? let’s just look at the explanation below.

How to Get a Free Fire Boxer

Bundle is one of the cosmetic features in the Free Fire game, this is one of the things we should be able to try later. Because it is indeed the bundle, it will make our appearance more attractive to the enemy’s eyes. Especially for later too, of course we will look more cool when competing in the Free Fire game.

Especially for now, there are still a lot of Bundles that will enter the Free Fire Indonesia server. So of course that way we shouldn’t forget, to be able to find out how it looks and how to get the bundle. Because with this, of course, you will be faster than other players to be able to have the cool bundle that is presented.

Triple Combo Event?

The King Boxer Bundle will be coming to the Free Fire game soon, then we can later get the Bundle from the Triple Combo Event. For those of you who don’t know, this event will give us 2 choices. Where later you have to buy the item on the left, then you can get the gift on the right for free.

Later this Bundle King, will be presented on the right side of the event. Also know that for example the Spin Free Fire Hockey Tips, they still apply to us in this event. So your chances of getting the main prize of the Bundle will be even greater in the future. We can’t know when this event will be available on the Indonesian server.

But what is clear is that to get this King Boxer Bundle, we have to buy the item on the left and get 2 Free Prizes on the Spin on the Right. If you want to know too, this Bundle is related to the Free Fire Queen Boxer Bundle. So of course that way you shouldn’t forget, to get the bundle later.

By using things like this, surely you will be even cooler when competing against enemies later. No need to be afraid anymore, I have become confident to defeat all enemies later too.


How to get the Free Fire INDONESIA King Boxer Bundle

yt / kulgar

For you to get the Bundle, Spin using Diamond is an important thing for all of us to do. So in this event we will get 2 Spin Options, where one of the spins has different rates. Just choose, you will later want cheap Spin or expensive Spin in the latest event today.

For this first Basic Spin, we will use a total of 20 Diamonds to do just one Spin. It is true that the system is only 1 time and nothing is up to 5 times like that. The price is very cheap but the consequence is this, the chance of getting the main prize of this main Bundle is smaller and can be up to 1% or even less.

yt / kulgar

Then, in the Premium Spin section, which can use 175 Diamonds, just prepare a lot like that for one spin. Because in the opportunities given in this, we get a bigger chance than usual. Even though it is expensive, you will not feel at all loss if you have chosen this part later.

Furthermore, it is not included in the Spin group, but is the Lucky Stone Stone. The function given by this feature is to increase the rate, to make it easier for us to get prizes. The price offered is also for the first purchase of Free, but after that each Player will use 20 Diamonds in every purchase of this Lucky Stone.

yt / kulgar

The opportunities that you get are Small, Medium and Large. If when you get a small or medium sized chance, just do a Spin back on the Lucky Stone. If you have got a great opportunity, try to get the Premium Spin right away and Voila, we can get the Grand Prize of the latest King Boxer Bundle today.

Even Kulgar Rido just did this Spin, immediately get the King Boxer Free Fire Bundle directly Permanently. Maybe those of you who are still hesitant players, we recommend trying this exciting event later.

This bundle also has a partner and it has been presented before, you should also know how to get the Queen Boxer Bundle. So that later they can complete this couple’s bundle in the Free Fire game.

You can also read Kla Free Fire Characters now, because the bundle from King Boxer is suitable for use by these characters too. Where do you know now, Kla is one of the strongest characters in the Strike section. So of course with that, we don’t need to doubt its ability to use this bundle.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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