How to Get Ruby Skins For Free Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends every month always presents the latest updates on the Lucky Spin feature, now at the beginning of Season 18 this time, Moonton provides free Ruby skins that you can get at the Lucky Spin Event in Mobile Legends. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a way to get Ruby Cat Girl skins for free at the Lucky Spin event in Mobile Legends.

Ruby is a fighter hero who is currently active for Mobile Legends gamers to play. Not only in ranked matches, Ruby is also very much played in the MPL ID Season 6 tournament.Ruby’s ability as a tank-flavored fighter and being able to be used as an Offlaner makes Ruby much popular, besides having a cute character and this one hero is very strong with very large crowd control. .

Lucky Spin is a permanent event or feature found in Mobile Legends. By drawing on Lucky Spin you will get free skins and heroes like the following Ruby heroes.

Prepare a minimum of 500 tickets

If you’re lucky you can get Ruby Skin for free by using just one draw, but if not, you need lots of Tickets. Now, to ensure you get a prize from Lucky Spin, it’s best to prepare a Ticket of at least 500 Tickets before doing the Draw.

Direct Draw With 5x Turns

There are two options when you draw. The first option is to draw one by one, and then you can draw 5x at once. This of course will affect the success rate of getting the skin in Lucky Spin.

Better to do 5x Draw directly using 100 Tickets simultaneously. That way, you can get a higher presentation to get ruby ​​skins for free at the Lucky Draw event in Mobile Legends.

You can get the Ruby skin period from September 8, 2020 until the time of refreshing the prize next week.

That’s it to get Ruby skin for free in the Mobile Legend game. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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