How to Get Rid of the Latest Xiaomi Ads 2020

There are Ways to Get Rid of the Latest Xiaomi Ads 2020 that you can do. As we know, too many ads that appear on Android make us users annoyed. Often these advertisements interfere with our activities. Especially if you are in a precarious situation.

Can cause defeat when playing the game, not getting the items you want while participating flash sale, also ran out of tickets to the coveted concert. Just because the ads that like to appear fill your Android screen in a few seconds.

Now there are many smartphone vendors who enter advertisements directly on the system. Of course, this creates more advertisements that have the potential to interfere with your activities. Have you ever thought about removing these annoying ads? It turns out that there is a way to get rid of all these ads on Android. Come on, take a look at the following reviews!

How to Get Rid of the Latest Xiaomi Ads!

Ads on Android can be removed by using an application called AdAway. This application will modify the hosts file smartphone The Android that created the ad will no longer appear. This method works in the browser smartphone, lockscreen as well as on other annoying pop-up ads.

AdAway requires access to other file systems, so it needs to go through the root process smartphone before using it. You can only install the application if you have rooted. After that, follow the steps required to install AdAway.

Download Blocking Ads Files!

You can allow root access by pressing the Grant button that appears. After that, press options Download Files and Apply Ad Blocking so that AdAway can download the latest version of the hosts file. Then apply it on your Android.

Restart your Android when the latest host version application process is complete. Ads on your Android will automatically disappear after the restart process is complete. AdAway has cleaned up the ads on your Android by modifying the hosts on the system that have the potential to issue advertisements. Now there are no more advertisements to bother you.

Well, that’s how easy it is to get rid of ads on smartphone Your Android guys. Nope resentful again with annoying ads. Now your online activities are safe from advertisement distraction. Good luck.

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