How to Get PUBG Mobile Free Skins, Easy and Fast

PUBG Mobile is one of the games that makes players interested in having lots of skins. The goal is to feel the sensation of playing PUBG Mobile, please. Apart from the matter of skin, there are also questions about weapons that will definitely make all players jealous. Well this time there is a Way to Get PUBG Free Skins that you can do.

PUBG Mobile allows players to have lots of things to collect. Such as parachutes, emoticons, avatars, skins, weapons, and many other things. But before thinking about collecting various items on PUBG Mobile, it’s also a good idea to know the basics of the PUBG Mobile game.

You mean this, no matter how good a weapon you have, if you can’t shoot accurately, that’s just a lie. Or you are really good at being accurate but you can’t read your opponent’s strategy, that’s a lie too.

There are some basics of the PUBG Mobile game that every player must know. If you have mastered the basics, it’s best if you think about collecting items in PUBG. One type of item that must be collected is skin.

Skin can be obtained in various ways. This time, what is discussed is how to get skin with simple, easy, fast, and free techniques. If you are diligent and painstaking, chances are that your collection will increase.

Use a VPN

PUBG Mobile is a game that is held around the world. If there is a tournament abroad, ideally, you have to participate online. Because there will be giving out free skins and bonuses that are okay.

Unfortunately, to be able to access tournaments abroad, a PUBG Mobile account must be registered in the country that is holding the tournament. This has not been added to the constraints of Indonesia’s internet network. Hence, using a VPN on PUBG Mobile is very commonplace.

The goal is so that your PUBG Mobile account is registered in the country that is holding the tournament

The skin from the classic chest

The trick is to exchange silver fragments for classic chest coupons. Then take a look at the surprise inside that classic chest. You could get mystic, classic, or premium skin. If you’re lucky, you can get rare items and legends.

Silver fragment

The exchange of silver fragments is the easiest way to get skins. You just have to exchange the silver fragments for skins or with other items.

The fun part of exchanging silver fragments is that you can play and guess the mangosteen fruit. Alias ​​try your luck factor. The trick is to nuke silver fragments with classic or premium chests.

The amount of silver fragments required for the exchange was less than exchanging items directly. But yes, get ready to get zonk. If you’re lucky, you can get skin that is really good. Really rely on the luck factor.

Participate in the local PUBG Mobile tournament event

Join the tournament that suits your abilities. Neither your wallet capabilities nor your gaming abilities. Better to join small scale tournament first. The goal is to measure your abilities with other people. If you win, take part in a tournament with a higher level. Just keep on doing that.

Until finally you have lots of skins and various items resulting from participating in tournaments. The matter of winning or losing is important, but there is something more important, which is the matter of measuring and practicing your skills first.

Returner compensation

Actually, this returner compensation applies to people who rarely play PUBG Mobile. If you play PUBG Mobile every day, don’t expect this feature, huh.

The returner compensation feature is provided specifically for people / accounts who haven’t played PUBG Mobile for a long time but have finally returned to playing. For example, you haven’t played PUBG Mobile for 8 months. Eh, now you open the PUBG Mobile game. Automatically, you will get returner compensation.

Take advantage of the achievement

Achievement is the best way to get skins and various other items. Yes, some kind of added bonus. Make the best of this achievement function.

Crate / Crate

Running chests can also get you skins for free. Just so you know, chests can be opened if you can get coupons from redeeming achievements. There are some bonus surprises in exchange for an achievement for a coupon.

So, that’s how to get skins with simple, easy, fast, and free techniques. Now, if you feel like a real player, immediately do these methods. It does take time but the sacrifices are worth it. Instead of having to beg for money here and there for the sake of skin. Tengsin, man!

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