How to get free skin in Mobile Legends by answering questions (ML)

As one of the best MOBA games that you can play on your smartphone, Mobile Legends continues to grow, Moonton also always provides developers with free Mobile Legends skins every month, one of which is by giving and answering questions, are you curious how to do it? On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about the free Mobile Legends skins by just giving and answering questions.

In presenting this event, Mobile Legends collaborated with Mandiri bank, they distributed lots of free skins for free to all players by only giving a few questions and answering them, are you interested?

How to get free skin in Mobile Legends by answering and giving questions

Yup that’s right, you can get epic limited skin for Jawhead – Space Explorer for lucky people. Now you can get this prize by simply asking a question at one of the MPL Quickie events.

These questions will later be given to guest stars who attended the event, now some pro players who will be guest stars at the MPL Quickie event which will air on January 9, 2021, including RRQ Bram, Donkey, AE Santos and TODAK Ciku.

Later, players who have good questions will be selected and given directly to the guest star. Later you can get Mobile Legends skins for free.

Not only asking questions, you can also get free skins by answering the questions given by MPL Quickie. The question asked is “What is your resolution in 2021?”

The prizes given are a special New Year Giveaway, in which the skin prizes are 20 Elite skins, 2 Epic Skins and 1 Epic Limited Skin.

Now for those of you who want to take part in the giveaway, you can take the following steps. Hopefully, if you are lucky you can get free skins in Mobile Legends.

  • First, prepare your answers to the questions asked.
  • Next, give your answer in the comments column on Instagram @realmobilelegendsid.
  • Give your best answers, and the best ones will get free skin prizes in Mobile Legends.

Make sure you take part in one of the events above. Especially those of you who are currently looking for free skins in events in the Mobile Legends game. Ask questions and answer questions before January 9, 2021 tomorrow yes.

So that’s it for how to get Mobile Legends skin for free at the latest Mobile Legends event. Hopefully, the presence of the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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