How to get expensive ML heroes in Magic Chess Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a game that has many modes in it, one of the most commonly played modes is Magic Chess.

In this way you will make your line-up even stronger in the Magic Chess game. Now for those who are curious, here’s how to get a rare hero at the most expensive price in Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

How to get expensive hero Magic Chess in Mobile Legends

There are several ways you can try to get expensive heroes in Magic Chess Mobile Legends. Here are a few that you can try.

Use Little Commander Buts

Buts is a liter commander who specializes in heroes. The ability he has can roll for free and choose more diverse heroes.

Now the way to get high cost heroes at Magic Chess itself is by using Little Commander Buts, which in his third skill has the effect of rolling for free in a few rounds, besides that, there is an additional effect where you can get the hero at the highest price. every 15 rounds.

Get Expensive Hero In Fate Box

The game system in Magic Chess has a stage called Fate Box, in the Fate Box there are options that you can use to get some additional items. The Fate Box itself will be present every 5 rounds, where you can choose one of these items.

You can choose several heroes who choose high costs in the Magic Chess on the Fate Box, which are usually expensive heroes like Thamuz, Minotaur and Gatotkaca. The fate box usually appears at the beginning of the game with some of these heroes only appearing in late game.

Wait Until Late Game

When the match reaches the late game, stage, or final round. You will often find several heroes that are quite expensive to buy. For example, heroes like Ling, Guinevere, Thamuz, Claude, Gatotkaca and also the Minotaur will often appear on that stage.

It’s different in the early game where the heroes that appear have relatively cheap prices.

which is the late game is one way for you to get expensive heroes in the Magic Chess game in Mobile Legends.

So that’s a review of how to get a high cost hero in the game Magic Chess Mobile Legends. Hopefully the method above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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