How to get Draco Free Fire AK47 upgrade FF tokens

Don’t miss that currently there is a Way to Get AK47 Draco Free Fire Upgrade Tokens. That way, you will be able to see the appearance of this AK47 weapon, which is one of the newest things for you to have as well. Especially from the updates that are coming now, surely you will have many advantages, of course.

There are quite a lot of events or leaks currently available, so of course we have to know what are the new things. Especially from the Booyah Day Free Fire Event which is currently present, it provides many benefits for the game players. You can use the items that are present, yes, but for other events, the story may be different later.

Maybe the latest information from this event will bring something different from the game too. Check out this explanation directly in the article below now.

How to Get Draco Free Fire AK47 Upgrade Tokens

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So many people already know that in this game, we can get one of the new Free Fire Weapon Evolution Features. Of course the things that are presented now, will bring one of these advantages that you can try to feel later. Especially the Evolution AK47 Free Fire, it is necessary to have a Token Upgrade later too and must get it.

Of course to get this we really need a Dragon Scale Free Fire Token. By using this, you will be able to upgrade the Draco AK47 Skin as well. For those of you who don’t know how to get this Token, of course we can say that the method is also quite easy for you to do later.

October 24, 2020!

On October 24, 2020, there will be a mission that will tell us to log in every day. So when you log in, you can immediately get a prize in the form of only 1 Dragon Scale Token. This total login mission event only lasts until November 1, 2020 and there are definitely up to 8 tokens that you can have.

Then next if you are really impatient, then just buy it using Diamond. We only recommend this for players who are indeed sultans in the Free Fire game. Because the price of the Token is indeed quite expensive, it is not certain that when you buy one, you can immediately open the next level.

You can also get several alternative options that exist to get this draco free fire upgrade token.

Through this elite pass, we can also get these items, as we know, the Elite Pass Free Fire, which is now present, has arrived in season 29. Later, during season 30, this Dragon Token will appear on the prize list. That way, you can also know about the number of tokens you will get from here.

If you already have a lot of total Tokens, then just use the Evo Dragon Free Fire Feature later. Because from there we will also have a variety of other dragon skins, which are still quite good and very interesting.

Knowing this leak is also important, you can know the Thompson Dragon Free Fire Leaks which will be coming soon. But the leak is still in the development stage, so there is also the possibility that something like this will be around for a much longer time. That way before this leak appears, you can just collect the Token first.

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