How to Get 100% Lucky Spin Hero Jawhead in Mobile Legends

How to get the Jawhead hero in 100% lucky spin. With the Mobile Legends lucky spin, which continues to offer lots of prizes on a regular basis, of course you as a player will benefit greatly. Starting from skins to heroes and also lots of interesting little prizes you can get easily.

You can get the Hero Jawhead who is present in the lucky spin now. This one hero is very strong for playing in the offlane and some even play it as a roamer. Having a deadly high burst damage can certainly be very valuable for you to use and get.

Thanks to this lucky spin everyone can own Jawhead. The method is easy because apparently there is a method that can give you Jawhead for free. With this 100% successful method according to the recognition of many people, get this powerful hero for free.

Here we will give you how to get the Jawhead hero in a 100% lucky spin that you can follow. Of course everyone can follow as long as Jawhad is still on lucky spin or this method has been patched by Mobile Legends or Moonton. So if you have a ticket, just use it.

How to get Hero Jawhead at Lucky Spin 100%

This method is quite busy talking about and he said it can be done. With a high enough percentage maybe you can try to get this free hero. This one hero is important for you to have because of his deadly strength and is one of the meta heroes in Mobile Legends.

The method is also easy to follow and we will provide it below. Make sure you have enough resources to roll. If you want to try, try it now before it’s patched and you can’t anymore.

How to Roll Jawhead

First of all make sure you have enough resources to roll. Prepare at least a lot if you have a mistake when doing this stage. So you are not halfway there when you roll later.

You can try to follow the following methods to get the jawhead hero mobile legends:

  1. First you open your lucky spin first, and when you click open, click on the Jawhead symbol in the lucky spin. Click on until the hero animation is complete.
  2. After that you go straight to the hero tab and look for Jawhead. After you click, wait for the animation to finish, and repeat this with all the Jawhead skins. You can swipe right one by one and watch the animation until it’s finished.
  3. After you see all the skins and animations, go straight to the skins tab and look for Jawhead’s skin called Girl Scout. Watch the animation until it’s finished and swipe left over to Jawhead and watch the animation again until it’s finished.
  4. Then repeat the first stage where you go to the lucky spin and tonont animation until it’s finished while clicking the Jawhead symbol in the spin.
  5. Exit lucky spin and look for a match in rank, don’t play, you just look for it and when asked to accept to play you don’t need to accept and just wait.
  6. Next, open the shop tab and click in order. Zodiac -> Magic Wheel -> New Products -> Lucky Spin for a number of three times repeated.
  7. Finally, repeat the first step and when finished, draw immediately. It is recommended to use only 5 draws at once to cut time. Usually a maximum of three times can be obtained.

But this method seems to be just a confession from other people because it is impossible to increase RNG with this method. You guys, but if you’re curious, you can try this method if you’re really curious.

You can try to get the Jawhead hero in this 100% lucky spin even though I am skeptical of this method myself. But the recognition of many people in my opinion is just one Barnum Effect only.

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